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Women’s health: check-ups to be done at 20, 30, 40 and 50 years old

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25 – 30 YEARS

At 25, in addition to continue with self palpation, it is necessary to put on the agenda a gynecological examination once a year.

At this age then, the screening of the National Health Service starts regarding the prevention of cervical cancer.

«All the girls get home the invitation to go to the clinic to carry out the Pap Test every 3 years and the warning is definitely to join. The time between one appointment and the next has been established on the basis that according to the medical scientific literature it is sufficient to guarantee a good level of survival. However, most gynecologists agree that it would be better to repeat the exam annually», Explains Agnese Collino.

At 25, it is also recommended to get the HPV vaccine, which protects against 9 strains of the Papilloma virus. «In this case it is not a diagnostic test but is part of the prevention program. The vaccine is free for 11-year-old girls but for those who have not done so, a warning is expected at this age “.

In case of familiarityalso, you can start consider starting a breast exam such as a breast ultrasound, but always in agreement with your doctor.

30 – 40 YEARS

In this range it is essential to continue with the cervical checks, but 35 years after the Pap test, the HPV test is passed, which takes place in exactly the same way but identifies whether or not it is positive for the Papilloma virus. “It is very precise but doing it at a younger age would be counterproductive because in very young girls the probability of developing the virus is high but this does not mean that we should be alarmed since most of the time it is naturally eliminated by the immune system. After the age of 35, however, his presence could be the indicator of something more serious that must be monitored ».

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In this case, the screening program almost always includes five-year appointments but the invitation is to check the guidelines of your region because there may be slight variations.

Once a year then, better to book a gynecological examination and a transvaginal ultrasound.

For the otherwise, in addition to the usual self-palpation that should accompany you throughout your life, always on the recommendation of your doctor and on the basis of familiarity, you can decide to do a breast ultrasound.


This is the age when the likelihood of developing breast cancer begins to rise significantly, so it’s time to start controlling it more carefully by undergoing a breast cancer. annual breast examination and every two to a couple of different but complementary examinations: mammography and breast ultrasound. «Mammography is an extremely sensitive X-ray that is able to identify even millimeter calcifications, a step preceding the formation of tumors. Ultrasound, on the other hand, uses ultrasound and is able to discriminate the contents of a cyst from solid to liquid. The former is more effective for fatty and more adult breasts, while the latter works best with those dense glands that are usually found in younger women although this is not mentioned. For a complete inspection, therefore, I always recommend combining the two exams ».


This age usually coincides with menopause and mammography and breast ultrasound should be done annually. “Although the national screening service provides for them every two, it is better to book a check in the middle independently,” concludes Agnese Collino.

October is the month dedicated to the prevention of female cancers and there are many national and local initiatives underway, aimed at raising awareness on the issue and facilitating access to preventive diagnostic tests. To find out which ones are closest, consult the local health authorities’ websites or ask your doctor for advice.

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