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Wonder Woman Syndrome: what it is and how to overcome it – iO Donna

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Wonder Woman Syndrome: what it is and how to overcome it – iO Donna

Wonder Woman Syndrome: The Pressure to be Perfect and Always in Control

Many women today find themselves juggling work, family, and friends, trying to always be impeccable and efficient without asking for help or delegating tasks. This phenomenon, known as the Wonder Woman Syndrome, is characterized by the constant need to be perfect and have everything under control, often to the detriment of one’s own well-being.

The social pressure to be a multitasking superwoman, combined with low self-esteem and a tendency towards perfectionism, can lead to the implementation of unhealthy dynamics that have negative repercussions on mental health. The inability to delegate tasks and the desire to always be in control are also key factors contributing to this syndrome.

Dr. Valeria Fiorenza Perris, a psychotherapist, highlights the role of social pressures and gender stereotypes in fueling the need to be ‘super’ in everything. She explains that unrealistic expectations and the fear of showing vulnerability can lead women to put their own needs on the back burner and measure their value based on productivity and results achieved.

The constant strive for perfection and the inability to say ‘no’ can result in feelings of frustration, stress, and guilt. Over time, the Wonder Woman Syndrome can have severe effects on mental well-being, including irritability, anxiety, depression, and burnout.

To break free from these harmful dynamics, it is essential to become aware of the problem and prioritize self-care. Dr. Fiorenza Perris emphasizes the importance of listening to oneself, focusing on one’s needs, and seeking help from an expert if necessary to navigate through this transformative path.

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The Wonder Woman Syndrome serves as a reminder for women to take care of themselves and set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. It is crucial to recognize the signs of overwhelm and prioritize self-care to prevent long-term mental health issues.

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