Smart working and war

by Riccardo Luna

24 March 2022

The future of work

Hybrid work, but with harmony

by David Bevilacqua

April 30, 2022


Monitors, routers, desks … tools for remote working

by Bruno Ruffilli

04 Maggio 2022

For Marcello, on the other hand, “as long as there is a powerful connection, the view just changes, you only realize it when you come home or go for a hike. At that point you are completely cut off and honestly, for us who are used to the continuous connection, being forced to a bit of a detachment, even knowing that you will come back and therefore being able to organize ourselves, is a good thing. I lived it well. One thing that I take away from the island is precisely this idea that perhaps we are too used to exchanging smart working for continuous availability. We are all always available and even those who work with you adapt to this condition, when instead it would be necessary to organize themselves to work those hours, from all places in the world and obviously trying to adjust if there is a need for a comparison but those hours there and then do something else. The relaxed pace of the island led you to manage things calmly, also because otherwise you went crazy and instead the goal is to feel better, not worse “.

To find out more about the experience of Simone Canova and Marcello Ascani Saranno we invite you on Tuesday 24 April at the Lenovo Space in Milan in Corso Giacomo Matteotti 10where we will continue this chat about the Work for Humankind project.