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World First Implanted 3D Printed Eye – Healthcare

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Implanted in England, for the first time in the world, a fully digital 3D printed prosthetic eye. The patient, Steve Verze, is a 47-year-old engineer. The surgery was performed at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital. Verze first tried her new eye on November 11, along with a traditional acrylic prosthesis. On November 25, he returned home with only his 3D printed eye. “I’ve needed an ocular prosthesis since I was 20 and have always felt uncomfortable,” Verze said. “This new eye looks great.”

Compared to the traditional acrylic prosthesis, the 3D printed ocular prosthesis is more realistic and defined, and gives the perception of the real depth of the pupil. Unlike traditional methods, it uses eye scans instead of an invasive mold of the eye socket. The speed of the production process, the hospital points out, is also an element that could favor the use of 3D printed ocular prostheses.

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