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World Menopause Day: you can feel good! The initiatives

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World Menopause Day: you can feel good!  The initiatives

Menopause: you can feel good! And it must. This would be the principle to be summarized on October 18, 2022, World Menopause Daywhich collects and reunites into a sort of Movement is the new way of understanding this season of life. Disorders are present in at least 50% of women around the age of 50, from hot flashes to brain frogs to joint pains and vulvodynia. But what today the women scream (often self-deprecating) on ​​social mediaincluding international and homegrown stars, is that they can be faced and almost always resolved.

World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day was established in 2011 by theInternational Menopause Society (IMS) to disseminate correct information and awareness to correctly inform the women around 50 (but also all other people, including men) and offer the right tools for the prevention and management of disturbances, including emotional ones, in this delicate phase of life.

To invite everyone, not just the fifties and not just women, a reinterpreting menopause no longer as the end of femininity but as a moment of rebirtha metamorphosis to be welcomed with positivity together with one new version of themselves.

Women's time: what if menopause was the new happy age?

Menopause and stereotypes to overcome, together

Being in Menopause meant, until today, feel and be considered old, withered, oily, sexually undesirable. And this is still the afterthought that circulates in the minds of many. The first white hair is immediately associated with the loss of freshness, beauty and sex appeal. Yes, yes almost ashamed to say “I’m in menopause”, almost as if it were a coming out. Because even today it is like announcing that one’s femininity has been lost, along with reproductive capacity. Taboo, clichés, misinformation still throw a gray veil over women in their 50s. But the initiatives of World Menopause Day 2022 seem to want to turn things around.

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Initiatives to renew the concept of Menopause

Onda and Manupausa Foundation: the live Facebook

The commitment does not stop Wave Foundation to offer women information and answers to questions about their health and therefore also about Menopause.

In fact, from various researches it emerges that there are still many women affected by menopausal symptoms who do not resort to treatment but they would like to know more. Their doubts are fueled above all by fears for the cardiovascular and oncological risk and from information that in the past has often been contradictory and alarmist.
Ma nScientific evidence in favor of HRT has been consolidated over the past decade (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and related benefits.

To dispel doubts and fears, on the occasion of World Menopause Day, Fondazione Onda organized an all-female talk at 5 pm live on Facebook with Doctor Stefania Piloni, the journalist Marzia Foletti and Manuela Peretti, founder of the Instagram page Fasting. «October 18th is World Menopause Day and I was invited to two events to bring my testimony and that of my Community. It means that something is moving, it begins to be obvious that we women we have the right and we want to feel good even in this phase of our life. And we want to be supported by doctors who help us to live this phase in the best way. And in fact the goal of both events and of the Day is to give women are aware that healing and feeling good is possible even in menopause “, explains Manuela Peretti.
To participate here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/695200435379278?ref=newsfeed

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Menopause, the white paper

L’International Menopause Society (IMS) has also published a white paper for specialists translated into several languages, to increase knowledge of female sexual dysfunctions. The title is “Brain in the fog” in menopause: a guide to decision-making and counseling on the subject of cognitive function.

(Fonte P. M. Makia e N. G. Jaffb Department of Psychiatry, Psychology and OB/GYN, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA; Department of Chemical Pathology, National Health Laboratory Service and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
At this link the document in Italian.

MenopauseBoost, you can feel better: the event in Milan

On the occasion of World Menopause Day, Michela Taccola, #Faceboost Blogger, will present #MenopauseBoost. Menopause revolution, you can feel good. The project, with the patronage of the Italian Menopause Society (SIM) and the participation of Dr. Marco Gambacciani, gynecologist and SIM Secretary, and of Cinzia Poloa gynecologist who has always dealt with menopause, wants to promote the birth of a Movement that dispels false myths and cultural legacies, creating a new cultural approach on menopause. “The purpose it is making women correctly informed and therefore aware of the changes that can be experienced in this phase of life and how face them », explains Michela Taccola.

Sayonara Motta’s “Therapeutic Yoga for Better Living in Menopause” is born

Always attentive and close to women who experience the change of menopause, the personal trainer and Yoga therapist Sayonara Motta is about to launch a new path dedicated to women in their 50s. Is called THERAPEUTIC YOGA, Better Living in Menopause and consists of 30 video lessons in which the expert guides her students through the practice of Yoga, breathing, meditation and breathing.

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“We know that Yoga today is a science-based discipline that proves many psycho-physiological benefits. There are various studies on the validity of the practice of Yoga which improves a woman’s life by 30 to 40% during climacteric “, explains Sayonara Motta, who at 3 pm on October 18 he will make a direct Instagram dedicated to women in menopause.

«My Mission is that every woman can discover the mechanism that is triggered with the arrival of the new cycle of life e live peacefullylistening to your body and having the courage to change your lifestyle to get better. Without victimhood and without losing the hope of being able to live in harmony with itself. I wish every woman can identify early symptoms and to find, through yoga, a healthy diet and the path to live this new cycle of life with serenity and joy ”, concludes Sayonara Motta.

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Bastard Menopause: a Community to laugh about, but not only

Bastard menopause is the Instagram profile of Doriana Cocconello, over 50 who with self-irony, intelligence and a pinch of exquisitely vintage glamor tackles the themes of Menopause thanks to Reel and funny stories. A way that its almost 15 thousand followers really like, for a light but never banal exchange on what you have to face after 50. Information, comments, advice and emotions that, shared, become an inspiration to improve your situation and do not live it alone.

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