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Worlde, the puzzle game that everyone is playing

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Do you remember the hangman game? A word to learn, a few attempts and only your knowledge of the vocabulary to separate you from defeat. Wordle is exactly the same, but on a global scale and has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon.

How does it work? Simple: every day on this site you can try to guess a five-letter word, with only six attempts available. If you put a letter in the right position the corresponding box will turn green, if you put it in the wrong one it will be yellow and if the letter is not present in the word it will become gray. The peculiarity is that if you guess the word or run out of attempts you will have to wait a whole day to try to guess the next one which is identical for all challengers.

This detail is crucial because it is what has allowed Wordle to become a kind of global challenge in which thousands of people around the world boast of guessing a lot of words in a few attempts or of their success rates. Plus, Worlde is simple, with no ads, no signups or weird data requests, takes up little time and you just need to remember it once a day.

Worlde’s inventor is called Josh Wardle and he designed it to pass the time for his partner during the pandemic. After an initial spread in the circle of acquaintances, word of mouth has made the number of competitors go from a few dozen to over 300,000 in a couple of months

And now it’s your turn: do you feel like challenging the whole world to guess a five-letter word?


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