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“Worries more than covid, let’s start crisis units”

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“Worries more than covid, let’s start crisis units”

The infections from covid-19 have increased in recent weeks, but for the general director of the Ausl Romagna Tiziano Carradori it will be necessary not to lower his gaze even in view of the new wave of flu. “That will be felt – warns the director -. And for this reason I have already instructed the new medical director to activate what we call a crisis unit next week, to prepare for adequate management of the flu epidemic in the best possible way , which will experience an evolution of the peak in the second half of the month of December”.

The concerns are linked to an increase in hospital admissions and to a medical sector still under stress due to the aftermath of the pandemic. With the addition of the continuous difficulty in terms of organics. “I’m not pessimistic about Covid, at this stage I’m more worried about the flu epidemic – says Carradori -. We still have the pandemic that we can’t put an end to yet, but we find ourselves with a very tested health system, because my colleagues who provide assistance have given all their energies. The system is proven by so much work, considering that the professional market does not even make new personnel available to us”.

And he delves into Covid and flu issues: “Thanks to the vaccination coverage we have in our area, with 2 million and 500 thousand doses administered, there is an important level of Covid coverage. Even if the fourth dose in honor of the true has not had, at present, great success given that we are around 100,000 administrations. The flu pandemic will however be made up of further accesses to the Emergency Department and hospitalizations. Now if the doctors of the Emergency Department are unable to recruit them, it is it is clear that this subjects those who work to further stress and consequently further expectations for those arriving in the emergency room. My focus at the moment is on the next flu”.

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