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Xbox gaming revenue increased by 16% in the last quarter-

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Microsoft’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, which means that their first quarter of this year ends on September 30. The first two days were the days when the financial report was released, and Microsoft mainly shared good news. The company’s revenue is 45.3 billion US dollars, of which 20.5 billion US dollars are net income (roughly meaning that Microsoft’s revenue is enough to buy 2 and a half ZeniMax/Bethesdas in 3 months).

Their biggest revenue drivers are cloud technology, Office and servers, but in fact, despite the shortage in the PC market, Windows revenue also increased by 10% this quarter. Microsoft expects Windows to perform better in the next quarter, and CEO Satya Nadella stated that the PC is now more important than ever:

“PC will be more important than ever. This pandemic has brought about a structural shift in PC demand.”

So what about Xbox? Microsoft stated that they “shipped more Xbox Series S/X consoles than expected, even if the supply exceeds demand.” Hardware revenue increased by 166% compared to the same period, and overall game revenue increased by 16% to 3.6 billion US dollars, the best first quarter in Xbox history.

As expected, we did not get any data for Xbox Game Pass, probably because it was recently revealed that it did not reach its goal of 47.8% growth in 2021, but only increased by 37.5%. A reasonable guess is that after the launch of “Forza Horizon 5” in November and the launch of “The Last Battle: Infinite” in December, Microsoft will be more willing to disclose Xbox Game Pass related data.

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