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Xiaomi 11T Pro, the smartphone that cancels battery anxiety

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We do not know what is the real autonomy of the new Xiaomi 11T Pro, unveiled today and on sale in Italy from 28 September: we had it on trial for a couple of weeks, but we don’t really know.

It’s not that we’re distracted, it’s just that it doesn’t matter. AND it does not matter because with the 120W power supply (yes, it’s in the package) the battery recharges so quickly that you don’t have time to realize it was empty: the time for a shower, to have breakfast, to get ready to go out and the smartphone is 100% again. In short, this phone is perhaps the first in which battery life really becomes an insignificant parameter, even more than in the previous Mi 11 Ultra.

What is the 11T Pro and where does it stand
And precisely of the Ultra, this 11T Pro is in some way heir: it is undoubtedly at the top of the Xiaomi range for technical characteristics, even if not from the point of view of cost. As already in the transition from Mi 10 to Mi 10T Pro, the price of the smartphone has dropped, and it has dropped a lot: if at the exit the Mi 11 Ultra cost 1399 euros, now the 11T Pro costs 649 or 699 euros depending on the version. It is exactly half, if not even less (not counting the promotion on the first day of sale, which knocks down the price list up to 599 euros).

This, as we said, without forgetting almost nothing: processor Snapdragon 888 combined with 8 Gb of super fast Ram memory and 128 or 256 Gb of storage space, 5 thousand mAh battery, 5G connectivity, 6.67 “Amoled Fhd + display with sampling rate up to 480Hz (simplifying, it is the response speed of the screen to our touches) and three rear cameras of 108, 8 and 5 Mp. The only detail is that the refresh rate it is no longer the impressive 144 Hz of the Mi 10T Pro of a year ago, but it stops at 120: however, it is really a detail, which in everyday use is not even noticed.

What you notice is that compared to those that preceded it, the new 11T Pro is decidedly more sleek, which means that it is both more manageable and more elegant: it does not have the gigantic rear protuberance of the Mi 11 Ultra and it does not even weigh 220 grams like the Mi 10T Pro.

smart home

Xiaomi’s idea: a house in Milan where you can try products before buying them

by Emanuele Capone

The curiosity
This smartphone it is called 11T Pro and not Mi 11T Pro, as might have been expected, because it is the first in which the Chinese giant decided to abandon the prefix that usually distinguished its high-end products: given the excellent results in terms of sales, also in Europe (and also in Italy), the company is evidently convinced that the Xiaomi name is now known enough to attract customers. And he’s probably right.

How does he take the photos and what are the doubts
As mentioned, the 11T Pro has a 108 Mp main camera combined with a 120 ° ultra-wide angle lens and a 2x telemacro and is capable of shooting videos in 8K and HDR10 +; the part hardware is accompanied by a software full of curious and interesting features, enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence, such as Time Freeze, Magic Zoom and Audio Zoom, which allow you to obtain clips that will surely win many likes and shares on social networks.

The photos are always good, as was imaginable considering the technological equipment, more or less in any light condition. I am good, but not exceptional and the feeling is that a small shot is still missing to reach the levels of the best competition: to understand each other, we are from the parts of OnePlus, more than from those of Samsung and Huawei. Perhaps the videos convinced us more.

The operating system of the Xiaomi 11T Pro is Android 11, customized with the 12.5.4 version of the MiUi interface, and here the reverse speech compared to the one made for the photos applies: we are on the side of Samsung and Huawei, rather than those of OnePlus, which remains the reference for us from this point of view. This, more than all the other parts of this review, however, is a matter of personal taste.

a doubt that we have had and that can affect many is instead on the battery life: not in daily use (we said that it does not matter), but over time, over the life of the phone. Recharge it so fast, in less than 20 minutes, what effects will it have in the long run? According to Xiaomi, practically none: as explained, the battery is divided in two and each half is recharged in turn in parallel and half at a time (in short, the 120W are divided by 4), which should reduce the stress of the internal components. . If you really don’t trust it, you can use a slower power supply occasionally, leaving the super fast one for the moments when you really need it.


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What we liked
The charging speed it’s really impressive, more than the (already impressive) one of the Mi 11 Ultra’s charger: it’s hard to do without it, after you’ve tried it. Also excellent price: almost 700 euros are not few, but they are in relation to the technical characteristics of this smartphone and they are in relation to how much the other high-end Xiaomi products cost.

What we liked little
During the test days we came across a rather annoying bug: When you exit an app, the app appears to go in the background but actually stays in the foreground while you lock your phone. When you unlock it again, you won’t find yourself on the home screen, but you are back in the app you thought you were leaving. It happens very often with WhatsApp: you receive a notification, you unlock your phone to read it well, but in reality you are thrown into WhatsApp, the notification disappears and there is no way to read it.


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