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Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the proof: one step forward and two steps back

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Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the proof: one step forward and two steps back

Unveiled by Xiaomi in Paris along with a new electric scooter, a 2-in-1 notebook and a revamped range of televisions, and on sale also in Italy from the end of June, the Smart Band 7 collects an important legacy. The history of the wearable devices of the Chinese manufacturer, which previously were called Mi Band, began about 7 years ago, when the first arrived also in our country: it cost less than 30 eurosand had the indisputable merit of opening the market downwards and democratizing these products.

It is therefore understandable that for this seventh version there were a lot of expectations and a lot of expectations, which however went partly disappointed. From a hardware point of view, the Smart Band 7 is undoubtedly better than its predecessors, with a nice Amoled display which now comes in at 1.62 “, is legible in practically any light condition and finally allows you to activate the always-on, which always shows the time. Like a watch, in short.

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How is the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 doing

This is the thing we liked the most: the screen is pleasant to see, very customizable and full of information. This is the fact that the Smart Band 7 does what it has to do well: yes, it is “able to detect over 110 types of physical activities”, to measure oxygenation in the blood and is also waterproof up to 50 meters deep, but above all it connects easily to the smartphone (we have combined it with one OnePlus 8 Pro), receives all the without problems notifications and allows you to read a lot of it and the app for yours management it is clear and intuitive.

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Among the things that we did not like, perhaps also due to this hot summer 2022, there is instead the fact that the bracelet, despite that Xiaomi have explained that they have improved it, still remains very (too) annoying to wear in hot weather, especially if you do or have done one of those 110 types of physical activities that the Smart Band is able to detect. From this point of view, it seemed decidedly worse than the previous one.

Similarly, it also seemed worse there battery life: it will be for the larger screen, it will be because we have activated all the detection functions and also the always-on display, but we found ourselves having to recharge it every 5-6 days. Let’s be clear: there are not a few, but they are definitely not the “14 days of standby” promised at the presentation stage.

Is it to buy or not?

Despite this, the answer to the question above is still a yes, albeit a conditional yes. Listed, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 costs 59.99 euros, which remains a great price: If you don’t have a wearable device, this is the one to start with. Better: it is unless you find the previous Mi Smart Band 6 NFC online, which not only costs about ten euros less, but (as the name implies) also has a feature that the Smart Band 7 does not have. Likewise, if you already have any variant of the previous Mi Smart Band 6then perhaps it is better to wait for a next, eventual Smart Band 8.

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What we liked

What we didn’t like

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