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“Xing Jue” inter-bank plumber, “Super Mario” animation film set for the end of 2022 | 4Gamers

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Nintendo announced the latest developments of the animated film “Super Mario” through the online press conference “Nintendo Direct 2021.9.24” early this (24) morning, and announced the main cast of voice actors lineup in one go. “Star Jue” Chris Pratt is Mario!

The big news must of course be announced by the big shots. Miyamoto came out very unexpectedly and brought new news. The main body of the movie has been finalized at the end of 2022, and the North American market is December 21, 2022.


In addition to Mario from Chris Pratt, the known lineup includes Luigi from Charlie Day in “Pacific Rim”, Princess Anya Taylor-Joy and Princess Brigitte from “Rim of the Pacific”, and “Rock Classroom” that many players are familiar with. Jack Black will serve as the Wannian villain Kuba.




Of course, Charles Martinet, Mario’s signature voice actor, will also be invited to participate, and his position has not been disclosed for the time being.


The animated film “Super Mario” is expected to be launched at the end of 2022.



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