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Yet another contaminated product at risk of Salmonella

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Yet another contaminated product at risk of Salmonella

It is yet another case of contaminated product at risk of salmonella. This time we are talking about a food that is never lacking in the tables of Italians. The brands involved in this case are the most popular ones that, most likely, are already in our refrigerators.

Pay attention to what purchases you have made in recent times. From the analysis carried out on 24 different types marketed in the most famous Italian supermarkets, 7 contaminated products were found.

New contamination for a food product (web source)

Salmonella contamination that worries consumers

Consumers won’t be happy to know that many foods which are usually present in their shopping cart contain inside a type of bacterium responsible for salmonella. The directions on the package are very clear. It is emphasized to consume the food following cooking. The high temperatures, in fact, have the task of inactivating the bacteria avoiding, in some cases, the possibility of infection to the detriment of the organism.

It is always advisable to be especially careful before consuming certain foods that are potentially very dangerous for our health. The sweeps of recent periods, indeed, have brought to light numerous problems as regards the harmfulness of many widespread foods. After the case that “opened Pandora’s box”, the one concerning the Kinder eggs, many episodes followed which alarmed Italian consumers.

Analyzes occurred in recent days they concerned the chicken packages of the largest production companies. Samples were taken from the chicken bust Amadorichicken breast and torso Conadthe slices of chicken breast Todisbarnyard devil chicken and chicken breast fillets Carrefour.

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Seven out of twenty-four products are contaminated

Out of all the samples, overall 24, 7 anomalies were highlighted, but the production houses have not yet been disclosed. The bacterium involved is that of salmonella which mostly produces, in this particular case, infections in a fairly mild form.

Chicken (web source) 17.05.2022 direttanews.it (1)
Chicken (web font)

For the moment, the Ministry of Health has not ordered any withdrawals from the market since no striking cases of infection were found. However, it is right to continue to pay attention to avoid running into unpleasant episodes that can endanger our health.

Although some salmonellas are not very harmful to our body, it is certainly not pleasant to have to fight against even mild infections. We hope that this will be one of the latest reports that warn Italian users about food shopping. The sellers, on the other hand, assure us that the production chains are strictly controlled.

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