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yet another show of careless “directors”

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Taken back and mocked for her mental health: yet another show of careless “directors” © nc

The pandemic has had several negative consequences in all fields, from human losses to the political and economic crisis. However, beyond these worrying data, there is a part that is often overlooked, of which we tend to speak little because it is less evident: mental health.

In fact, there are many people who for various reasons see their psychological well-being weaken, resulting in total isolation and pathologies that are rarely taken into consideration.

Regarding this we should ask ourselves and understand how to act in community. This does not happen today: rather we become non-paying spectators of their sad shows. We filmed a woman carrying out her needs in the square; we also caught her when she threw the tables in the air; and was filmed again, while walking along Corso Cavour, wearing briefs and visibly unable to understand and want, and on several other occasions. The victim becomes the star of a recovery that bounces for the umpteenth time on social media. She is the leading actress who is constantly mocked by her improvised audience, amidst laughter and offense, as if everything were part of a comedy or a script whose director is in turn the unwitting protagonist of another discomfort, no less serious.

Instead of thinking about how we can act together in order to help her and not make her feel uncomfortable, we have contributed to further aggravate the situation, making her an easy target, on the streets and on social media. Instead we should have asked ourselves: “Why was she alone? Who is responsible for taking care of your health? ” or perhaps the woman, whose origin is not a mystery, has been abandoned as a Vltava? What are the local services saying about it? Perhaps, sent back to her country, she would be entitled to more care and attention? “.

The virus is generating new victims every day, even for those who continue to live. Problems related to depression, anxiety, and many other serious psychological disorders are multiplying, because they find fertile ground in times of great difficulty. And our civilization is measured in this: to avoid that the next victim is made the scapegoat to whom we can address baseless slander and insults, because we become executioners of his condition.

There are many new poor, and mental poverty is just as dangerous. As such, it should receive the same interest and treatment. Despite this, the most unfortunate often walk the streets in solitude, in the utter indifference of the institutions, but not that of the foolish crowd, ready to attend yet another “performance”.


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