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Yogurt withdrawn from the market: be careful, they are dangerous

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The Carrefour company proceeded to recall a particular type of yogurt. This would contain ethylene oxide within an ingredient.

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We return to talk about foods that could cause great harm to consumers. In this case we are talking about branded yogurt Carrefour. The same company recalled these products as a precaution.

The yoghurts referred to, as specified by Il Fatto Alimentare, are those produced from the Montagna Alto Adige milk company Soc. Agr. Coop., In the Bolzano plant with identification mark IT 41 7 CE.

These products would contain ethylene oxide inside the carob flour. We remind you that ethylene oxide is a particular type of gas, widely used in hospitals for the sterilization of medical and surgical devices. Inevitably this is used in food field come sterilizing agent as an alternative to pasteurization for those thermolabile products that can be damaged by heat.

Ethylene oxide hazard: yoghurt recalled

According to reports from Carrefour, a recall of batches of pistachio yogurt with the Carrefour Classic and Carrefour Sensation brands followed. The reason is the probable presence of ethylene oxide in the carob seed flour.

The recalled products were: Whole yogurt with pistachio Carrefour Classic in 2 x 125 gram format. The deadlines of the reference products are one, already passed, of 07/29/2021 while the others: 08/13/2021, 08/20/2021 and 08/26/2021.

While the other is one whole pistachio yogurt with crunchy almond pieces Carrefour Sensation. Pack of 150 grams, with expiry dates: 08/18/2021, 08/20/2021, 08/23/2021 and 08/31/2021.

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The recall was ordered by the European Commission as a precaution. It concerns all products that have locust bean gum inside with a significant amount of the gas. For the moment there are more than 30 products reported among vegetable drinks, vegetable burgers. yogurt, gluten-free products and food supplements.

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