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You want to live 100 years, these tips will extend your life a lot

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You want to live 100 years, these tips will extend your life a lot

Living 100 years is possible thanks to these tips, follow them and they will extend your life. Here’s all you need to do.

How many times do we wonder how to live 100 years? Scientists have revealed how to extend your life by following 8 simple tips. These elements are essential for slowing down aging.

The average age, thanks to the development of modern medicine, has already increased considerably, but living 100 years still seems like a distant and unattainable goal. Some scholars of American Heart Association, however, presented research at the Scientific Session 2023 held in Philadelphia, in which they explain how slow down the aging process and live longer thanks to 8 simple precautions. These eight key measures are essential for perfect health and increased longevity, and following them is truly within everyone’s reach.

This research had already been published in 2022 in the scientific journal Circulation, and was given the name “Life’s Essential 8”, which in turn was an update of the 7 key tips proposed in 2010 by the American Heart Association itself to keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Starting from this study, the American Heart Association has found a clear link between cardiovascular health and aging carrying out a test on 6500 adults.

What it turned out was that individuals with better cardiovascular health are biologically younger and they look up to 6 years younger, and that to get to this condition most of the people tested put into practice the 8 essential elements of life. Let’s see them together.

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The first essential element for living 100 years in good health is follow a healthy and balanced diet which must absolutely be accompanied by physical activity, the second essential element. Specifically, the American Heart Association recommended 2.5 hours of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. The third element is say goodbye to smoking, in this way the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system are improved.

To live well and for a long time, the fourth fundamental element is sleep: you need to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night, depending on age. Fifth element, weight, which is helped in maintenance by the first two items in this list. Make sure to maintain the right weight for our body it is very important for maintaining cardiovascular health and beyond. The most difficult factor to manage is the sixth element of a long and healthy life: cholesterol. To keep it at the right levels, you should not eliminate it completely, but reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, leaving the levels of good cholesterol high.

The last two elements essential for life concern blood. First of all you have to check your blood sugar level avoiding consuming a lot of sugar and regularly monitoring A1c levels, i.e. glycated hemoglobin. Lastly, it’s good always check your blood pressure and make sure it is maintained at 120/80 levels.

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