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Young man saved from extensive thrombosis with a new technique

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Young man saved from extensive thrombosis with a new technique

Emergency Operation at Sant’Eugenio Saves 30-Year-Old Man from Serious Thrombosis

In a life-saving emergency operation at Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome, a 30-year-old man was rescued from a serious thrombosis. The young man, who is already undergoing dialysis treatment due to a serious genetic disease that resulted in the removal of both kidneys, was at risk of a fatal outcome due to extensive thrombosis within his heart.

The team, led by Professor Achille Gaspardone, Director of the Cardiology Unit at Sant’Eugenio Hospital, successfully removed a large floating thrombus within the cardiac chambers using large caliber probes introduced through a vein in the groin. This procedure, conducted under local anesthesia, prevented the risk of thrombus detachment and embolization in the lungs.

The patient is now in good clinical and haemodynamic conditions following the successful operation. Professor Gaspardone noted that the use of this technique opens up the possibility of treating similar cases without the need for more invasive cardiac surgery.

This innovative procedure has not only saved the life of this young man but has also provided hope for other patients facing similar life-threatening conditions. Further advancements in medical technology continue to offer new possibilities for life-saving interventions in the field of cardiology.

For more information, please visit ANSA.it.

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