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Your best friend for the summer is this vegetable: from super tan to smooth skin

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Your best friend for the summer is this vegetable: from super tan to smooth skin

There is a vegetable that is not only the protagonist of the summer, but is also able to give us a perfect tan and very smooth skin. That’s what it is.

The month of June has now begun. But it is also true that this year it seems that the high temperatures and splendid sunny days characteristic of summer are slow in coming. After all, this is exactly what we long for in the warm season, in addition to evenings spent outdoors with friends and holidays, lived in the name of relaxation, fun and time spent on the beach.

Another thing we all love about summer, of course, is theretan. In this regard, as we all know by now, it is important to protect our skin with the appropriate sun exposure creams. And to give us an extra boost to the tanning process and, at the same time, to provide us with shielding from UV rays from the inside, nutrition also comes to our aid.

Well yes: some foods, in fact, contain substances that contribute to the stimulation of melanin. Among them there is also one vegetable in particular, loved by all and extremely versatile. If you are curious to know more, you just have to continue reading.

The vegetable that protects us and stimulates a tan

After spending months and months suffering from the cold and protecting ourselves from it with thick sweaters and padded jackets, the urge to don our swimsuits and head to the beach is stronger than ever. Finally, that moment is slowly arriving, which is why it is right not to be caught unprepared by the effects of the sun.

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Carrots: health and tan allies – bipianeta.it

As previously mentioned, to get a tan, but at the same time protect the skin, it is necessary to apply the appropriate high-shielding creams all over the body. Not everyone knows, however, that in addition to sun exposure, carrots also play a very important role in the tanning process.

This vegetable, in fact, is rich in a substance called beta carotene. It is an antioxidant element capable not only of stimulating melanin, but also of giving us extra protection from UV rays. Furthermore, carrots are rich in vitamins, in particular from group C and E. The latter are essential for the well-being of our intestines during the summer months, while the mineral salts contained in the vegetable in question allow us to replenish those lost due to of sweat.

We can decide to consume carrots in the way we prefer. Raw in salads they are perfect, as well as inserted in a fresh centrifuge together with apples, for example. But cooked and seasoned with just a drop of oil they bring more nutrients than we imagine: in fact, in this way it is easier to assimilate the vitamin A contained in them. As in all things, however, excesses are never recommended: abusing the consumption of carrots, in fact, can cause too high levels of carotene in the body and, therefore, a coloration of the skin in shades of yellow tending towards orange.

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