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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel must be played by real card players, but not friendly to novice players | 4Gamers

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The much-anticipated new game in the Yu-Gi-Oh series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, was released on January 19th without warning. According to Steam DB data, the game was released soon after the game was launched, and the number of people online at the same time exceeded the record of 210,000 people. The response from players was very enthusiastic. .

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“Yu-Gi-Oh” is a childhood memory of most people, and many players must be very interested in the new work. What is the difference between this work and the previously released “Duel Links”? Is it suitable for novice players to enter the pit? What to do, share with you below.

The game version and rules are compared to TCG, which can be understood as “Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Card Online Edition”

The game rules of this game are different from the anime. It is no longer the simple gameplay of “summon monsters to take an attack state, cover a card, and end the round.” It is also different from the simplified version of “Duel Links” that was launched earlier.

The version and rules of this work are mainly based on the “Master Rules” mode of the physical card, and the version is similar to the latest TCG, that is to say, this work can be understood as “the online version of the real card of Yu-Gi-Oh!”.

220126 MD 02

In the part of the card pool, more than 10,000 cards have been opened. Compared with the latest version of TCG, only some cards have not been included. Although for old players, the more cards you open, the richer and more in-depth gameplay you can experience. Old players are forced to watch the “performance”.

The design of the art UI of this work is very simple. The main menu has only four categories, namely “Online Duel”, “Deck Construction”, “Single Player Mode” and “Shop”.

220126 MD 03

Currently, only Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are available for online battle ranks. Each rank will have five segments, that is, from the lowest Bronze 5to the highest platinum one. There will be a reward of 200 gems for advancing to a new rank, and a reward of 100 gems for advancing to a new rank.

220126 MD 04

In addition to the most basic teaching in the single-player mode, you can also unlock the single-player mode of various themes, and it is conservatively estimated that there are dozens of themes. The rewards of the single-player mode are very rich as a whole, and for beginners, they can be more familiar with the rules of the game and know more cards.

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220126 MD 05

Friendly card synthesis mechanism, easy to form the first deck of cards

Compared with other card games, the number of cards in “Yu-Gi-Oh” is quite large, so the difficulty of collecting cards is the primary consideration for players to decide whether to enter the game or not. The cards will be shared below. How and how to acquire cards.

There are two main ways to obtain cards, namely “drawing card packs” and “unlocking cards”. As for the card packs, there are currently “mainstream packs”, “initial enhancement packs” that increase the probability of specific cards, and the permanent “full card pool” that can be drawn.

220126 MD 06

► Mainstream Pack (Stalwart Force)

This pack will have a relatively high chance of getting cards from certain mainstream decks, such as the “El Dorado” series of Key cards, as well as spells and trap cards that are more commonly played in other mainstream decks. Players who want to climb the ladder recommend the main draw. this package.

►Initial Enhancement Pack (Revival of Legend)

The feature of this pack is that there is a high chance of getting cards that match the initial deck. If you don’t aim to climb ladders, this pack is also a very suitable card pack for beginners.

► Normal Pool (Master Pack)

This pack contains 6750 cards without any chance bonus. It is a permanent card pack. Because there are too many cards, it is not easy to draw the desired cards, so it is recommended not to draw this pack.

In addition to the above three card packs, drawing or synthesizing a specific card will open a limited-time secret pack with the relevant theme, and the cards in the card pack will be related to the theme. For example, when you draw an Iron Beast Frontline card, you will open a 24-hour limited “Echo Chamber Nation” card pack, which will contain many Iron Beast Frontline-related cards. If the deck you want to build is already clear, drawing through a limited-time card pack is a more recommended approach.

220126 MD 07

The unlock synthesis mechanism is similar to Hearthstone’s dust mechanism. The rarity of the cards is divided into N, R, SR, UR. By decomposing the excess cards, the corresponding rarity cards can be synthesized. For example, as long as three UR cards are decomposed, any rarity of UR can be synthesized. card.

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220126 MD 08

The mechanism of solving three-in-one is very Buddhist compared to other card games, but because the number of cards in “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is larger, and the same card in the deck needs to be placed 2-3 cards, so The number of UR cards required by the group is also higher.

In the early stage of the game, we will focus on sorting out, and we will recommend the universal card.

On the whole, the resources given at the beginning of this game are quite generous, but if it is not used properly, it will greatly increase the difficulty of building a deck. The following will focus on the things to be done at the beginning of the game.

Daily Missions & Continuous Login: Currently there are special events. As long as you log in continuously, you can get a lot of gems. If you are usually busy, you should log in at least once. Daily tasks are also the source of gems, usually 2-3 games can be completed,

buy pass: The “Duel Pass” for this game requires only 600 gems and no tuition fees. The rewards include 600 gems, shapes and various card-matching resources, which can be said to be a must-buy. Even if you only solve daily tasks every day, you can finish them in about two weeks, so you don’t need to worry about unfinished problems.

220126 MD 09

single player: At the beginning, the single-player mode will only have teaching “Tutorial” and “Strategy”. After clearing the level, you can get a lot of gems and limited cards. In the future, various themed levels will also be opened. It is recommended that novices can solve them as soon as possible. On the one hand, they can be familiar with the cards of various themes, and on the other hand, they can also get the cards related to the theme.

buy a bundle: There are currently three one-off bundles, Solemn Judgment, Lightning Storm, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. These three packs are all must-buys, because you only need 750 gems to draw 10 packs, and you will definitely be able to get powerful cards such as “Grey Stream”.

220126 MD 10

After the above steps are completed, there are at least 5,000 gems that can be drawn, that is, at least 50. With the card combination mechanism, a deck can be assembled with almost no extra money. However, since novices are quite unfamiliar with decks, they must do a lot of homework first. If you don’t want to waste gems, it is recommended to start with the “Universal Cards” that are common to all decks.

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Ash Ryurei: Powerful general hand pit, can block the effect of the opponent’s tactical development, almost all decks can put this card to block the opponent. Since the combination pack has already given one piece, it is recommended to combine two or three pieces.

value-added G: Powerful general hand pit, the effect is that when the opponent special summons, you can draw cards, whether it is your turn or your opponent’s turn. It is also recommended to combine 1-2 sheets first.

infinite bubble: A normal trap card whose effect is to select your opponent’s monster and negate its effect for 1 turn. This one is also very versatile, but it is advisable to combine it first, as some decks have cheaper alternatives.

220126 MD 11

This game can search the public deck, which is equivalent to the built-in card copying system in the game, which is very convenient. Novice players can copy a set of their favorite from the public deck, and then cross-comparison the Meta website or the guide article to make adjustments.

220126 MD 12

Real card players must play, but not friendly to novice players

Although the combat special effects of this work are not dazzling, at least they are quite satisfactory and the experience is very smooth. In the case of no payment, a complete set of cards can be formed or at least 80%, which is quite close to the people. Not only does it have a built-in card copying system, but there is also a three-card-for-one card combination mechanism, even if the environment changes in the later version. , the difficulty of assembling a deck should not be too high.

220126 MD 13

However, since the game rules and version environment are based on the “Master Rules” of physical cards, it is difficult for novice players to get started, and there is no Chinese language to choose from, resulting in a very high learning time cost.

For old players of physical cards, or players who love Yu-Gi-Oh, this game is quite worth playing. If you are a novice, and you are afraid that the game is too difficult to get started, it is recommended to play it first and see the previous release. Duel Links.

“Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” has been released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and is expected to launch on mobile phones (iOS, Android) in the future.

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