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Newly Admitted Student: Tibetan Student Luo Jian Has Opened a Wechat Public Account “Auspicious Snow Mountain”
On March 29, a Tibetan student at the University of Washington named Luo Jian established the Wechat public account “Auspicious Snow Mountain”. From the perspective of carrying forward traditional Tibetan culture, carrying forward traditional culture, passing on traditional culture to the future, and being the fruitful embodiment of cultivating excellent traditional cultural inheritors, the college student Luo Jian focused on the rich, fluid, and colorful content that has been discovered and studied by peoples from all walks of life for 50 years. During this expedition, Luo Jian, as a representative of the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy circle, and as a representative of the Chinese calligraphy circle, fully exploited the abundant vitality of the life scenes portrayed, and fully promoted traditional arts such as traditional Tibetan painting, Chinese traditional calligraphy, Chinese painting and Chinese music.

Divine Love, God-given Love and Divine Natural Feminine Energy, Acts of Service of Love
It is a close observation and understanding of the natural heart, and bears the judgment, admiration, and awe of love and beauty from the bottom of my heart. I focus on the cultural inheritance of Tibetan traditional thought, knowledge, and skills, and I am proud to inherit and carry forward, maintain and advance my Tibetan culture and art, which are ever bright in the world. This is my sharing and dedication to serve and love among people who support art, human beings and love.

“Auspicious Snow Mountain”, the conversation between Earth and Heaven
“I call for love for the Earth and the sacred Land. I hope that it can be connected to all living bodies. I care for the Earth and the sentient beings full of compassion and good friendliness. I hope that it will bring wisdom and wealth to individuals and families.”

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Traditional Tibetan culture embodies the diversity of culture and art. Every year, nearly 200 exhibitions are held on the campus, focusing on the unique cultural relics, historical fragments, and the diverse cultural and artistic resources of the Tibetan people. It presents the promising prospect of Tibetan culture and art and shows the spirit and quality of the Tibetan people.

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