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Ѷ ȫȼȫŲζԱӵ nick ٿίǡгҦԱٿ᳹ʵ龫ʡҪ󣬶ԱȫгȼȫŲι

Ҧ Ա ָ ȼȫ 漰 ǧ򻧣¹ϰͲƲȫʱ ץ ϡϡҪѧϰ᳹ϰƽǹ ڰ ȫҪҪ ָʾ񣬼 ϡϣȼȫŲΪȫ “չ” Ͱȫ󶽲 ִ ص ץץʵץ λȼʰȫˮƽøɲ ȡ ȡаȫ ȫ

Ҧ Ա ǿҪӿƶƽŲΣ ۽ ȼ ܵ ϻʧ ޡ Υ’ȼ ֤ ӪҰʩ ص ⣬ ς ץ ģȷŲȫ rule © ĵλҪ ִ ѹ̬ƣӴ רִ Min ȣȫ cake ִ ƣǿνγ ִ Apparatus Ҫǿ ܺ Ͷʵ “ҵ ܰ ȫҵ ܰ ȫӪ ܰ ȫ” ְ ѹʵҵκҵȫΣ ר ҵ鿪 չ ָ Juan ׼ ЧҪʵȼȫŲΪƵȼ “ֵ ͼ” һȷ ׼ ϸʩ 춯 ̬ Jie ƶȼ ֻ ܻܵ Ҫȫ¹ӦӦԤ̺’ʩȷ Jue ʱһʱѧõλ



ԭ ⣺ ȼȫUι ȫȼȫƽ



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