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[시론] Host Club Advisory in Japan – EToday

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[시론] Host Club Advisory in Japan – EToday

In Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, there is not a day when an incident does not occur these days. At the center are host clubs.

Recently, an incident occurred where a female customer stabbed the host with a knife. The woman said that her host had tricked her into saying he loved her and had her give him a lot of money, but then betrayed her. She was so enraged that she committed her crime. It was revealed that the woman even resorted to prostitution to pay for her trauma.

However, as it turns out, this incident was caused by women’s jealousy rather than an issue of money. The reason the woman committed the crime was that the host, who gave her a large amount of money while selling her body, betrayed her.

As the number of prostitution cases related to host clubs increased not only in Shinjuku but also in the entertainment districts of Osaka, the Japanese Metropolitan Police Agency began patrolling host clubs in each entertainment district on a large scale and detecting women standing on the streets and engaging in prostitution.

Victims increase rapidly as adult age lowers to 18

Women who have suffered trauma from host clubs and turned to prostitution have become a social problem in Japan. Meanwhile, there are constant voices claiming that the women involved went to the host club on their own and are therefore self-employed.

In response to the series of host club issues, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida declared, “As a government, relevant ministries will work in closer solidarity to clearly devise and implement countermeasures.” However, women who are involved in host clubs say, “I want them to stand by” and “I want to support the host even if it means engaging in prostitution.” The current situation in which many women do not demand relief makes us feel that the roots of this problem are deep.

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However, the reality of systematic methods to lure young women into host clubs has recently begun to come to light. According to local reports in Japan, many host clubs have prepared manuals to control the minds of women.

For example, if they target women in their 18s and early 20s and determine that they are easy to deceive, there are many shops that use ‘pseudo-love techniques’ to make women like the host in charge, and then systematically increase sales by inducing street prostitution when the credit value increases. Here’s the explanation.

In Japan, the adult age was lowered from 20 to 18 due to a law revision last year, resulting in a sharp increase in damage to young women. According to the testimony of a former host who worked at the so-called ‘evil host club’, the vicious clubs encourage women to create networks with each other for the purpose of prostituting women.

It is said that women are attracted to the brilliant atmosphere of the host club. Women with little social experience say that spending time with their favorite host in a sparkling atmosphere that makes them feel like princesses is the ultimate happiness that cannot be exchanged for anything else, so they are willing to pay a high price.

When they think they have sufficiently brainwashed the hosts, they introduce young women who follow them to entertainment establishments they know or arrange for them to work at overseas prostitution establishments to collect the credit.

There are times when people visit Korea on weekends.

In September, as many as 35 young women waiting for prostitutes were arrested by plainclothes police officers around Okubo Park between Shinjuku Station and Shin-Okubo Station. It is said that 40% of them stated that they engaged in prostitution to repay the host club’s debt.

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Nowadays, street girls standing like that and waiting for customers are common in the city centers of Japan. In Japanese, they are called ‘Tachinbo (たちんぼ)’. ‘Tachinbo’ refers to a person standing and waiting, or an action like that.

The vicious host club uses all sorts of methods to extort money from women. According to local Japanese media reports, some Korean women also visit host clubs on weekends, and due to increased trauma, they quit their jobs in Korea and began engaging in prostitution in Japan. Korean women also need to be careful.

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