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10 years ago: The barrel-shaped Mac Pro as a failed product | News

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10 years ago: The barrel-shaped Mac Pro as a failed product |  News

Tue, 12:21·Hardware: Mac·fenFormerly the Power Mac, but since the Intel era the Mac Pro: Anyone who opted for the most powerful Macs always received a computer in a tower design with many options for expansion. In 2013, however, this statement, once considered an irrefutable fact, was to change radically. There had been no notable innovations to the Mac Pro since 2009, because the 2010 Mac Pro was actually a 2009 model, and even with the 2012 there were only minor differences. In 2013, Apple even took the old Mac Pro completely off the market in Europe.

Four years after the last significant update, the time had come in December and a radically rethought concept was available for the first time. For many, this series was remembered as an “answer to many questions that no one had ever asked.”


Round instead of square, preconfigured instead of arbitrarily expandable
The 2013 Mac Pro was no longer a tower, but round – the term “ton” or “urn” was often used as a nickname. Apple presented the device as a particularly innovative further development of the Pro concept. There was little doubt about the impressive performance – both the processors, graphics cards and the built-in flash memory were state of the art. However, if you wanted additional equipment, you had to solve via an external device. Gone are the days when you simply screwed a standardized component into the Mac Pro and upgraded it!

A dead end, as Apple admitted
How serious the problem would become only became clear in the coming years. Even Apple wasn’t able to install newer hardware. The cooling concept had maneuvered itself into such a dead end that there were no updates to the “New Mac Pro”. The graphics cards of subsequent generations developed too much heat, so in April 2017 Apple had to announce, in an unusually self-critical manner, at a press event that it was starting all over again. The round Mac Pro remained largely unchanged in the range for six years until the “new new” Mac Pro reappeared in a tower design at the end of 2019.

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The situation today
Ten years later, the Mac Pro again or still uses a large tower case. However, the concept is similar to the round Mac Pro in that there are also very limited options for replacing components. Additional PCI cards can be attached, but the RAM is permanently connected to the M2 Ultra and third-party graphics cards are also not supported. At least you can purchase SSD upgrade kits at hefty prices ranging from 1150 euros for 2 TB to 3220 euros for 8 TB.




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