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108 years: The oldest woman in Thuringia gets a zeppelin flight for her birthday

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108 years: The oldest woman in Thuringia gets a zeppelin flight for her birthday

Gerda Metze seems small, dainty, almost a bit fragile. Again and again she smiles happily, sometimes a little shy because of the hustle and bustle. Daughter and granddaughter set up the coffee table on the balcony. The phone keeps ringing and the doorbell rings. Neighbor Yvonne Meißner brings a homemade mascarpone cream quark strawberry chocolate cake, decorated with a golden 108.

“Everyone brings flowers and I like to bake. I think this is the most special cake I’ve ever baked,” says the young woman, who could very well be a great-granddaughter.

108-year-old Gerda Metze is a great-great-grandmother of three

The former teacher Gerda Metze is the head of the family with two children, eight grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Celebrations are only held in small groups on the balcony. Only Lord Mayor André Neumann (CDU) insists on a visit for a coffee party. It is his sixth with the probably oldest Thuringian. “We’ve already experienced a lot together, like the visit to the Merkers mine last year with Bodo Ramelow. But I’ve clearly changed optically more than Ms. Metze. She looks good for her age!”

But Neumann is not the most prominent well-wisher: hit star Stefanie Hertel has already congratulated via video greeting. They met at an event a few years ago and have met again and again since then – Gerda Metze and Sigrid Heyde from Altenburg have even visited Hertel and her family privately.

She runs a lot and enjoys it.

Daughter Sigrid Heyde

Daily visits to the daughter – Gerda Metze is mobile

Since her husband died about 40 years ago, Gerda Metze has been living alone in her apartment. To this day – even if she visits her daughter Sigrid Heyde every day. “But she also needs her time, in which she can withdraw and tidy up her apartment,” reports Heyde. In the past few weeks, her mother has been plagued by severe back pain, and she is finding it difficult to speak because of the strong painkillers. And even if hearing doesn’t work so well anymore – her mother is actually fit. “She runs a lot and enjoys it. Meets her girlfriend on Mondays to play cards and meets former colleagues for birthday parties,” says daughter Sigrid.

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