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15 days before going to the polls, the crisis deepens – breaking latest news

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15 days before going to the polls, the crisis deepens – breaking latest news

At the end of his articles, a distinguished law and communication professional usually paraphrases “good wind and good sea”, unfortunately the Ecuadorian people throughout history live in constant storm, obviously, the problems and basic needs, far from being solved , they are getting worse and worse. The solution to the crisis demands a structural reform that socially and economically transforms the context of injustice and inequity that in recent years has fueled poverty and the insertion of our youth into criminal gangs.

The finalist candidates Luisa González and Daniel Noboa state that the purpose of their government will be to end organized crime. Let’s ask ourselves: can they do it? if precisely their power and wealth reside in the same mafias they intend to fight. Let us also not doubt that Ecuador is not governed by whoever wins the elections but by the large and powerful economic and banking groups, and lately by drug traffickers who operate even from prisons. It is known that a good part of the representatives and allies of the final candidates are visible members of the overpricing in the contracting of public works and illicit businesses linked to organized crime.

Hence, popular organizations and ordinary citizens cannot remain isolated or close their eyes to the questions that we from the political left and the progressive sectors make to both candidates for the presidency, because one thing is the legitimacy of their proposals. and another thing is its fulfillment. Therefore, the only effective strategy to force them to comply necessarily lies in the organization, in social protest, in popular mobilization; otherwise, the fight for rights is diluted, being taken advantage of by the major media to reduce it to the persuasion of the unwary and not a deep reflection on the causes of the crisis that, although it affects us all, impacts the popular sectors more.

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President Guillermo Lasso, under pressure from business groups, sent a Decree Law on Public Finance to the Constitutional Court, through which he once again wants to take social security money and reduce the education and health budget. Given this and to reject the ill-fated decree, last Tuesday, September 26, the workers organized in the United Workers Front mobilized before the courts of justice to legally support the disastrous claims of President Lasso and the right.

15 days before the elections, we cannot be fooled, we need to advance in popular unity for the construction of a more just society, let us reflect on the vote, let us not go to the polls to ratify once again, as the corrupt partyocracy raffles off the homeland and the money of the national treasury.

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