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19-year-old young man was murdered in the south of Neiva

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19-year-old young man was murdered in the south of Neiva

In events that are the subject of investigation, a young man identified as Jaider Perdomo was murdered.

Jaider Perdomo, a 19-year-old young man, lost his life violently after being hit by a firearm in the head. The incident occurred in the sector of Jamaican Breezessouth of Neiva, when Perdomo was surprised by men on a motorcycle who, without saying a word, they shot.

The fatal event took place around 10:00 a.m. yesterday, while the young man was walking down a street in the settlement Jamaican Breezes, near the Limonar neighborhood. According to preliminary reports, the aggressor, who fired the weapon, was wearing a hood that hid his face, making it difficult to identify him.

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Faced with this crime that has shocked the community, the police authorities immediately mobilized to the scene to carry out urgent actions and begin the corresponding investigations. The objective is to clarify the facts and obtain information that leads to the capture of those responsible for this violent act.

The lifeless body of Jaider Perdomo He was transferred to the morgue of the Institute of Legal Medicine, where the rigorous examinations will be carried out. Later, he will be handed over to his family, immersed in grief over the sudden loss.

The south of Neiva is shocked by this unfortunate event, and the community hopes that the authorities act promptly to bring those responsible to justice and clarify the motives behind this tragic murder.

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