Home News 2 new confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic infections in Ningde, Fujian, a total of 42 high-risk areas have been designated

2 new confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic infections in Ningde, Fujian, a total of 42 high-risk areas have been designated

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The reporter learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Ningde City, Fujian: From 0:00 to 24:00 on July 7, Ningde added 2 new local confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic infections. Since July 3, a total of 13 confirmed cases and 45 asymptomatic infections (all in Xiapu County) have been reported. Based on expert opinions, Ningde has focused on the following tasks:

The first is to speed up the traceability of flow regulation.In order to investigate the close and sub-close contacts more quickly and cut off the chain of communication, we mobilized the forces of all sectors of society, established a liaison mechanism, strengthened on-site communication and docking, and organized nearly 400 volunteers to assist in the survey work. As of 0:00 today, a total of 3,770 close contacts and 1,623 second-close contacts have been investigated. The flow adjustment work is carried out 24 hours a day. If citizens and friends receive investigation calls in the early morning or late at night, please understand and cooperate patiently. At the same time, those who deliberately conceal the itinerary and activity trajectory, resulting in the risk of the spread of the epidemic, will be held accountable according to laws and regulations.

The second is to continue to carry out nucleic acid testing.According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, Xiapu County will continue to carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees in the region today. With the support of provincial experts and technical equipment, sampling will be taken from one household and one tube in high-risk areas, and 5:1 between medium-risk areas and Songcheng, Songgang and Shajiang. Mixed mining, the 10:1 mixed mining method of other towns, further improves the sampling and detection speed. At the same time, 37 mobile sampling teams were established to carry out building sweeping operations to provide door-to-door sampling services for the elderly and patients with disabilities. Efficient testing is inseparable from everyone’s cooperation and support. It is very hard for citizens and friends to do nucleic acid in the hot sun, and it is not easy for Dabai and volunteers to sample and serve everyone. Considering that the next few days will still be sunny and hot. Due to the weather, we have adjusted the time of nucleic acid testing in some areas to night. The purpose is to prevent everyone from waiting for a long time under the scorching sun. I hope everyone will continue to cooperate actively and screen out potential risk sources as soon as possible.

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The third is to do a good job in the service guarantee for medium and high risk areas.After comprehensive evaluation and judgment by experts, 5 high-risk areas have been newly designated. At present, a total of 42 high-risk areas and 23 medium-risk areas have been designated. The county has established a guarantee supply mechanism for living materials in medium and high-risk areas, established a distribution team of “professional logistics companies + community (village) workers + volunteers”, adopted “online ordering + staff assisted purchases” and other methods to do a good job in multiple channels. The sorting and distribution services of living materials will be delivered to the people in medium and high risk areas in a timely manner. Staff and volunteers in the medium and high-risk areas will take the initiative to announce their contact information. If you have any specific needs, you can get in touch with them by phone.

Fourth, continue to tighten the sea defense line.Organize four coastal counties (cities, districts) to carry out special enforcement actions in fishing ports, wharves, and key sea areas, comprehensively survey the dynamics of “non-standard” ships, severely crack down on violations of seagoing behavior, and firmly tie up the defense line against imports at sea. Recently, we have issued a notice on the report of the ship going out without authorization and the report of clues. Those who report and verify the truth will be rewarded according to the situation. Reporting telephone numbers: 0593-2768605 in Ningde City, 0593-8057295 in Xiapu County, 0593-2059161 in Jiaocheng District, 0593-6383118 in Fu’an City, and 0593-7997555 in Fuding City. (Headquarters reporter Han Zhitao)

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