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20 minutes from the competition area to the Yanqing Winter Olympics Medical Insurance Center to receive the first foreign trauma athlete | Winter Olympics | Yanqing_ Sina News

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Source: Beijing Daily

Original title: 20 minutes from the competition area to the hospital Yanqing Winter Olympics Medical Insurance Center to receive the first foreign trauma athlete

“A foreign athlete was injured in sports. At present, his head, neck and shoulder pain is obvious. He is on the way to transfer and is expected to arrive in 20 minutes. Please prepare for treatment immediately.” On October 10, Yanqing received a call from an athlete who was injured in need of treatment. The medical team of the District Winter Olympics Medical Guarantee Center responded quickly. The orthopedic doctors in the hospital had on-site consultations as soon as possible, and a team of experts had 5G remote diagnosis and treatment to provide patients with a full range of medical services. At present, the patient has recovered and left the hospital.

In the Yanqing area of ​​the Winter Olympics, the “Meet in Beijing” International Training Week for Snowmobiles and Steel Framed Snowmobiles is underway. On the morning of October 10, about 26 kilometers away from the competition area, the contact phone of the Yanqing Winter Olympics Medical Insurance Center rang. Upon receipt of the admission notice, Li Haiyang, a surgeon from the Winter Olympics Medical Insurance Special Zone, and the nurses immediately performed secondary protection and entered the diagnosis and treatment area to wait for the patient. At the same time, all relevant staff were also in place.

About 20 minutes later, the patient successfully arrived at the Winter Olympics Medical Insurance Center. Li Haiyang made detailed consultations and prescribed related examinations for the patient. Accompanied by medical staff, the injured foreign athletes successfully completed various inspections. Under the epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure that patients get foolproof and accurate treatment, experts in orthopedics and sports medicine of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University, the director of orthopedics and neurosurgery of this hospital and other personnel gathered at the 5G remote consultation center, and everyone and Li Haiyang and other medical staff from the security center Co-consultation. During the consultation process, members of the medical team did not miss any detail to ensure that the patient was foolproof.

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Being in a foreign country, facing an unfamiliar environment, and worrying about the condition, the patient’s emotions were very nervous and anxious at first. In order to calm the patient’s emotions, the Winter Olympics medical security team staff will accompany the whole process. When the patient is unable to go to the bathroom due to injury, medical staff actively help him to wear clothes, shoe covers, etc. Seeing that the patient was unable to walk on the hard ground due to foot injuries, the medical staff carefully put a thick cotton in the shoe cover. The medical staff demonstrated the medical skills and kindness of the medical team in Yanqing District to foreign friends with sincerity and sincerity. The superb medical skills and meticulous care of the medical staff have also been affirmed by the patients. At present, the foreign athlete has left the hospital.

After the diagnosis and treatment, the expert team reviewed the entire diagnosis and treatment process, sorted out various tasks, and affirmed the overall treatment process; and communicated with the medical staff of the Winter Olympic Medical Security Center through the 5G remote system, and raised various details. The rectification proposal is to further improve and improve the medical security work of the Winter Olympics test competition.

As a designated hospital for the Winter Olympics, Yanqing Hospital of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University will meet the world-class test with excellence and foolproof standards, and accumulate more medical security experience for the 2022 Winter Olympics. (Li Yao Chen Zheng)

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