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200 vehicle owners were notified

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200 vehicle owners were notified

The vehicles that are in the courtyards of the municipality of Dosquebradas, located in one of the Campestres, must begin a process through which their situation is legalized, since in Transit they have a database of a thousand vehicles, including motorcycles and cars whose owners They have not clarified the payment situation before the entity.

The Department of Transit and Mobility of Dosquebradas began with the second phase of the disintegration process called ‘vehicle scrapping’. To date, the notification has been sent to 200 owners of the vehicles identified with the proper imprints, in order to reach an agreement for their removal without having to go to the instance of the disintegration procedure.

The administrative director of Transit, Rodrigo Alberto Perlaza Vidal said: “we invite the citizens who own these vehicles to approach the dependencies to propose a solution or payment proposal for the services that are pending with Transit, if they do not do so, they will proceed with the disintegration of the vehicle and the corresponding collection.”

Perlaza also explained that “citizens believe that a car is like a stove or any other appliance and they do not know that this personal property is subject to registration. They never carry out property transfer procedures and when they have an inconvenience or accident and they immobilize it, it turns out that the Prosecutor’s Office only delivers the vehicle to the owner. Not being able to find who appears on the property card, they leave those vehicles abandoned and that generates a serious impact on the municipality.

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This is scrapping

The law now allows the Transit agencies to generate the scrapping processes and for this reason the owners will be notified, who after receiving the communication have two months to act. “From the notification comes the declaration of abandonment and it is delivered to the disintegrating company. There are two points: sometimes they are disintegrated in Cartagena and other times in Cali, it depends on the type of vehicle”, concluded the director.

The cost of disintegration does not correspond to Dosquebradas, in this case. These companies pay the owner of the vehicle a very small value, because it is junk and that money goes into a special account in the owner’s name to settle the outstanding balance a bit. Afterwards, the Ministry of Finance carries out the processes of coercive collection and the crossing according to what the disintegrator has paid.

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