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2,000 anti-wolf demonstrations in Aurich | > – News – Lower Saxony

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2,000 anti-wolf demonstrations in Aurich |  > – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 06/10/2023 8:00 p.m

In Aurich, several thousand people protested against the current wolf policy on Saturday evening. The police had prepared for a large-scale operation. There were also two smaller counter-demos.

The associations Land creates connection (LsV) Ostfriesland and the Frisian Association for Nature Conservation (FVN) had called for the demonstration. They demand a wolf-free zone on the coast to protect the dyke sheep. A rally was planned in front of the Sparkassen-Arena, at which shepherds, farmers and politicians, among others, were to speak. Before the demonstration, there had been a rally with tractors, they had come to Aurich from Emden, Leer and Wittmund.

AUDIO: Hunters between Emden and Stade demand a wolf-free coast (06/07/2023) (1 min)

Organizers see grazing animals endangered by wolves

Around 3,000 participants had registered for the demonstration. Police estimate that around 2,000 people came. Organizer and veterinarian Hansjörg Heeren told NDR in Lower Saxony that he hoped the campaign would send a signal to politicians. He called for changes in the law. The motto of the protest was: “Wolves in East/Friesland, can we afford that? We say NO!” The organizers see the safety of the grazing animals on the East Frisian coast endangered by the strict protection of the wolf. According to the current legal situation, individual wolves may only be released for shooting by the authorities in exceptional cases, for example if they have killed grazing animals several times despite wolf-repellent fences.

Animal rights activists also demonstrate in Aurich

The “East Frisians against animal suffering” had called for a counter-event, to which around 30 people came, according to NDR information. They argue that every animal deserves protection – including wolves. In addition, supporters of the anti-fascist action Rhauderfehn gathered. They had previously expressed concern that the action could be infiltrated by right-wing extremists.

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Further information

They demand that coastal protection and the safety of the dike sheep should take precedence over protecting wolves. (07.06.2023)

A Wolf © NDR Photo: Sven Glagow

Conspicuous wolves should be killed quickly and unbureaucratically – this is what the district of Lower Saxony is demanding. (06/02/2023)

Group of wolves in Germany.  © picture alliance / blickwinkel/AGAMI/H.  Bouwmeester |  AGAMI/H.  Bouwmeester Photo: GAMI/H.  Bouwmeester

Support comes from the people of Lower Saxony. Environment Minister Meyer rejects the demands as ineffective. (06/02/2023)

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