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2021 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs to Plan New Development of Digitalization and Greening | Xinhua News Agency | Digital Economy_Sina Technology_Sina Network

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Original Title: Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2021 to plan new developments in digital and green

From December 2nd to 5th, the 2021 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs was held in Boao, Hainan. Participants gathered together to analyze the endogenous driving force of China‘s economy and jointly seek a new journey of high-quality development of China‘s economy during the 14th Five-Year Plan. Participants at the meeting expressed that under the epidemic situation, major changes unseen in a century are accelerating. Faced with new changes and tests on the voyage, companies should anchor their new positioning, actively participate in the broad blue ocean of digital transformation and green development, and create more Great value of the times.

Xinhua News Agency’s party group member and secretary-general Gong Xixiang said in his opening speech that enterprises are the most active innovation subjects. Only in the chain of the real economy can the leading role of the digital economy be brought into full play, to promote the green development of traditional industries, and to gather a steady stream of endogenous forces.

Gong Xixiang said that in the future, companies must anchor new positions, implement new strategies, make every effort to promote new infrastructure, integrate new elements, stimulate new momentum, and achieve more transformative practices, breakthrough progress, and landmark results.

“On the track of the development of the digital economy, Xinhua News Agency is not only a witness and recorder, but also a participant, promoter, and practitioner.” Gong Xixiang said, as the center of news and public opinion work that our party founded and led, Xinhua News Agency Faithfully perform the responsibilities of mouthpiece, ears and eyes, and think tanks, always adhere to the center and serve the overall situation, and is accelerating the construction of a world-class new omni-media organization. The National Brand Project of Xinhua News Agency is a concrete measure to respond to the brand power strategy and serve China‘s brand building. The Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs is an open communication platform built by Xinhua News Agency and entrepreneurs to jointly promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

The “14th Five-Year Plan” is an important period of opportunity for the development of the digital economy, which contains huge room for development. Xiao Yingzi, member of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, said in his speech that in accordance with the background of digital and green development, Hainan is accelerating the establishment of a “3+1” modernization supported by tourism, modern service industries, high-tech industries, and high-efficiency tropical agriculture. Industrial system.

The vigorous rise of new technologies, new industries, and new business formats has profoundly affected my country’s technological innovation, industrial structure adjustment, and economic and social development. How to explore new opportunities for digital transformation and new paths for green development has become the focus of the experts at the conference.

Fan Gang, vice president of the China Society for Economic System Reform, director of the National Economic Research Institute, and president of the China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, a national high-end think tank, said that the digital economy is an important starting point and new technology for my country’s economic growth. my country has developed rapidly in terms of digital infrastructure and service industry digitization, but the manufacturing industry’s use of the industrial Internet is still not ideal. Chinese companies, especially manufacturing companies, should attach great importance to digital transformation and fully realize that digital development is not simply to use numbers to transmit information, but to change the entire organizational structure, truly make good use of digital technology, and achieve high-quality development.

Wu Xiaoqiu, former vice president of Renmin University of China and dean of the China Capital Market Research Institute, believes that “dual carbon” is both a goal and a constraint. It is necessary to take the path of scientific and technological progress and innovation to lead high-quality development, instead of going extensively and relying too much on nature. The development path of resources. To promote the adjustment and upgrading of China‘s industry, it is necessary to build a modern financial system that is compatible with it, and to transform to the “three financials”, that is, marketization, technology and internationalization. (Next to the second edition)


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