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2022 China International Travel Fair | “One Mobile Phone Tour in Yunnan” Helps Local New Exploration of “Smart + Tourism”_Tourist_Platform_Scenic Spot

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Original title: 2022 China International Travel Fair | “A Mobile Phone Tour of Yunnan” Helps Local “Smart + Tourism” New Exploration

From July 22nd to 24th, the 2022 China International Tourism Fair was held in Kunming, Yunnan. As the benchmark of local smart tourism in Yunnan, “One Mobile Phone Tour of Yunnan” runs through the entire conference.

As early as 2017, Yunnan Province launched the construction of “One Mobile Tour of Yunnan”, which is also a pioneer and benchmark project in the field of global smart tourism in China. After 5 years, what is the result of “touring Yunnan with a mobile phone”? What role has it played in promoting the construction of Yunnan’s smart tourism and the development of the digital economy? The “One Mobile Phone Touring Yunnan” exhibition area has a new answer at this travel fair.

According to Cui Chentao, the relevant person in charge of Fang Tengyun, the producer of “One Mobile Tour Yunnan”, “One Mobile Tour Yunnan” fully integrates the resources of scenic spots in Yunnan Province to “go to the cloud” through digital advantages. Continue to promote the digitization of scenic resources. On the “Visit Yunnan” platform, a total of 850 scenic spot business card columns have been launched, which comprehensively display the tourism resources and gameplay of various places and scenic spots in Yunnan, and truly realize the “travel in Yunnan” for tourists. He also focused on the complaint system of the smart platform to reporters: “We have reconstructed the platform’s complaint system, tourists can use the platform’s one-click complaint function to submit relevant needs, receive complaints through the platform, respond in a timely manner, go directly to the territory, and deal with them jointly. , real-time feedback, time-limited settlement, and truly achieve efficient complaint handling. The 1+16+129+X global tourism complaint acceptance and handling system strives to create the most efficient tourism complaint handling service in the country.”

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“One Mobile Tour Yunnan” relies on Tencent Cloud, which gathers data centers such as transportation, meteorology, airports, UnionPay, scenic spots and Tencent’s location big data, and establishes a basic database of market entities in the cultural and tourism industry, realizing unified data collection, centralized storage, Fast processing and app sharing. In terms of intelligent tourism services, “One Mobile Tour of Yunnan” applies cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and blockchain, and through the “tour of Yunnan”, a comprehensive tourist service platform, has broken through the information resource barriers between various departments and regions. Effectively connect, integrate and intelligently improve the service products of the tourism industry chain, and realize a global tourism digital ecological community of ecological co-construction.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, “One Mobile Tour of Yunnan” has fully established an admission reservation platform for scenic spots in Yunnan Province. The administrative department can inquire about the reservation status, team information, and park admission information of the scenic spot through the platform to provide data support for effective supervision. Tourists only need to upload their avatars synchronously through the ticket purchase function of the “Yunnan Tour” APP, and they can identify and enter the park in a few seconds, without paper ticket checking, which effectively solves the problems of limited number of tourists entering the park and difficult peak shifts.

In the future, “One Mobile Tour of Yunnan” will continue to promote specific measures for the deep integration of the tourism industry with the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. It will closely focus on the construction of “Digital Yunnan”, and will perform its own duties and complement each other with the government. , continue to deeply explore the practice of “Internet + tourism”, focus on improving user experience and service quality, and continue to promote the improvement of platform service functions and structure optimization, so that tourists “love” and “use easily”, and continue to improve industrial efficiency in an intelligent way , to promote digital upgrading, play an active role in exploring the construction of domestic global smart tourism, promote the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan tourism, and become a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan tourism.

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