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2023 Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tournament-Lord Chasing Dreams Open will start on July 11th

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2023 Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tournament-Lord Chasing Dreams Open will start on July 11th

The third stop of the Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tour with a total prize money of 3.15 million yuan – Laoye Chasing Dreams Open will be held on July 11 at the Kansai Laoye Golf Course. Until July 14, there will be a total of four rounds of 72 holes. There will be 128 players from four countries, including 116 professional players and 12 amateur players, and the champion will receive NT$600,000. He Youcheng seeks to defend the title, and Hong Jianyao seeks the second consecutive Taiwan Tour Championship.

This competition is sponsored by Weng Zhaoxi, the honorary chairman of Sanshang Group. The single-station title sponsor is Lord Kansai Golf Course. This is also the second consecutive year for the Men’s Professional Open to be held at the Classic Stadium after 23 years (since 1999)! After the official operation of the Classic Kansai Course in 1995, two Classic Men’s Opens were held in 1998 and 1999, and then the TLPGA Classic Women’s Open was held for 17 consecutive times.

Liao Wanying, the late chairman of the Master Golf Club, has been enthusiastically supporting domestic men’s and women’s professional golf for many years. After 23 years, Chairman Liao Nianqi once again cooperated with TPGA to organize Taiwan Tournaments last year, continuing to promote the development of golf in Taiwan. The movement’s responsibility to give back to the community. In particular, the chairman of “Greenwood Industrial Co., Ltd.” Lin Guoer is also the main sponsor of this competition.

Lin Guoer, Chairman of Greenwood Industrial Company, Liao Nianqi, Chairman of Laoye Stadium, and Chairman Chen Rongxing took a group photo after announcing the championship trophy.Photo / Photography by Lin Shengkai

At the pre-match press conference held today (7/9) at the Classic Golf Course, Liao Nianqi, chairman of the Classic Golf Course, said that as a member of golf, the Classic Golf Course takes the promotion of golf as its mission. In addition to holding amateur activities from time to time, professional golf tournaments are also held to provide a competitive platform to improve the level of domestic professional golf. In terms of youth training, the Master Stadium holds an annual selection of potential amateur players to join the training team. Currently there are 4 females and 8 males, a total of 12 candidates. The age distribution is national, high school and junior college. Due to their excellent grades, two trainees have applied for full scholarships to foreign universities to continue their development abroad. He also encouraged the players to take Mutual Aid Construction, the parent company of the Master Stadium, as an example. Mutual Aid Construction has spanned a period of time, from silent cultivation to flourishing. The road to golf success is lonely and arduous. Only by cooperating with fashion big data analysis, constant revision and hard practice can one achieve self-achievement. In the end, whether you are leading a team or fighting alone on the court, you must work hard and go all out to succeed.

And Lin Guoer, chairman of Greenwood Industrial, pointed out that when he organized another Greenwood Charity Cup this year, he had a deep understanding: kindness will be contagious, good things will spread, and the atmosphere will be better. He will do his best in the future and will Continue to support and sponsor professional golf tournaments in Taiwan. He also encouraged the players to have the same unyielding mentality as he did when he worked hard in Japan, to go ahead and go ahead, expecting himself to become a strong one, to stay ahead, to compete with the strong ones, to learn humbly and to pursue excellence! “Efforts may not necessarily lead to success, but hard work will definitely pay off!”

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Chen Rongxing, Chairman of TPGA (from left), Lin Guoer, Chairman of Lvlin Industrial Company, and Yan Qingling, Chairman of Meiqi Industrial announced at the kick-off ceremony that the game will start on 7/11!Photo / Photography by Lin Shengkai

Especially regarding TPGA’s application to join the World Points Organization, Chairman Lin said: “We are optimistic about its success and will continue to support TPGA! Let Taiwan’s players shine in the world golf world just like they did in Japan in the past.”

Today (7/9) also held a one-day 18-hole pre-match professional and amateur pairing match. There were 21 professional players and more than 70 social amateurs in the same group. In the end, professional player Zhan Shichang and three social amateurs Lin Guoer, Tan Zichang and Huang Zhixian won the match championship with a 61 under par of 11. The social amateurs each received a PXG 0311 XF GEN5 hybrid club .

The Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tour is Mr. Weng Zhaoxi, one of the founders of Sanshang and the honorary chairman of Sanshang Group. Due to the impact of the epidemic in 2021, the number of games and total prize money on the Taiwan Tour have shrunk significantly. Six competitions will be held, and chairman Weng will sponsor 2 million yuan for each competition. A total of 12 million yuan; take the lead in building the basic structure of the Taiwan Tour in 2021: this year, the total title sponsorship will continue in the same mode and sponsorship amount, and the number of games will be increased to seven games, making the number of Taiwan Tour games this year also one more , a total of 15 games. The Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tour has set up a special award for the annual prize winner separately. The prize winners of the Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tour can also receive a bonus of NT$200,000 provided by Ji Simin, chairman of Congde Trading Co., Ltd.; and Can be qualified for the next year’s Taiwan Sanshang Masters Competition. In addition, Chairman Ji Simin also provided an additional bonus of 100,000 yuan for the champion and an additional bonus of 50,000 yuan for the second place in each game of the Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tournament. Therefore, the total prize money for each single-station Zhaoxi Dengfeng Tournament this year has increased to 3.15 million yuan.

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Lin Guoer, chairman of Greenwood Industrial, said that when he organized another Greenwood Charity Cup this year, he had a deep understanding: kindness will be contagious, good deeds will spread, and the atmosphere will be better. He will do his best in the future to continue to support sponsorship Professional golf in Taiwan.Photo / Photography by Lin Shengkai

In addition to 122 Taiwanese players, six foreign players from Japan, the Philippines and the United States participated in this competition. Domestic players from Changchun, middle and young generations were all out. Most of the top 60 seeded players in the total prize money last year Participating in the competition, professional players include the 2022 Taiwan Tour money champion and this year’s latest money ranking temporarily No. 1 Zhan Shichang (2022 Taiwan Sanshang Celebrity Tournament and this year’s Sanhua TPGA Championship champion), last year’s Taiwan Tour overall ranking second Li Jiebo, Hong Jianyao ranked third, and Liu Yanhong ranked fourth; there are also young players Xie Jixian (champion of this year’s Zhaoxi Dengfeng Changhua Open), Wang Weixuan (champion of this year’s Changhua Open) and the latest ranking of this year’s money. 5th, 6th and 7th Lu Weizhi, Zhang Weilun and Liu Yonghua.

In addition, there will be three-bond challenge tour last year’s prize money winner Yu Songbai and this year’s latest prize money ranking No. 1 Lu Sunyi, and more than 10 Changchun players including Chen Zhizhong, Lin Jixiang, 52-year Lu Wende Lu Jianshun, Ye Zhangting, Xie Jinsheng, Zhang Zepeng, Cai Qihuang and others also participated in the competition.

After two rounds of the competition, the top 50 players with the best total scores will advance to the final two rounds. The champion will receive a bonus of NT$600,000 and the runner-up NT$300,000.

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The fairway of the Master Kansai Golf Course is 7,026 yards in length, and the green slope is characterized by large ups and downs. Putting is expected to be the key to victory. The first round of tee-off on July 11 will be tee-off in the morning and afternoon. The first and 10th holes will be tee-off at the same time. Departure at 11:00, last group kicks off at 12:50.

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