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20th edition of the Puppy Bowl: the best version of the Super Bowl

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While American sports fanatics eagerly await Sunday night’s Super Bowl, animal lovers are already looking forward to the 20th edition of the Puppy Bowl. Less sporty, but ten times as cute.

Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 9:40 PM

All of sports-watching America will be sitting in front of the TV on Sunday evening (local time), because the San Francisco 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the famous ‘Super Bowl’. Less sports fanatics will undoubtedly turn on their television a few hours earlier, because then it is time for the ‘Puppy Bowl’.

The program was created twenty years ago as a counterpart to the sporting event of the year for the Americans. Traditionally, dogs play American football and earn points when they cross the goal line with a toy.

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But actually the whole event is mainly a good excuse to look at cute dogs. Although the program also has a deeper message. These are all dogs currently in a shelter and so the organizers want to encourage people to adopt them. “We give the same message every year: Adopt, don’t shop,” says ‘referee’ Dan Schachner. “There are responsible breeders, but it doesn’t make sense that someone looking for a dog wouldn’t look at their local shelter.”

This year there will be 131 puppies on display from 73 shelters and shelters in 36 states. The size of the puppies varies enormously: from Sweetpea at 0.7 kilograms to Levi the Great Dane at almost 32 kilograms.

This year, six puppies with special needs will also be on display, including pug terrier Riddle with a neurological condition and a papillon mix named Mr. Bean, who only has his two hind legs left. The four other puppies are deaf.

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The Puppy Bowl also has a typical halftime show and this is traditionally provided by some cats.

All animals in the Puppy Bowl are in principle adoptable, although many will most likely have already found a new home. The show will be recorded in the fall. Although the goal remains to show that animals like those in the Puppy Bowl can be found in the shelter at any time.

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