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21 high-quality industrial projects landed in Nanjing on the first day of the 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

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2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference on the first day of investment promotion results in 21 high-quality industrial projects landing in Nanjing

The meeting point will fully demonstrate the development foundation of Nanjing rail transit industry and promote the investment environment. Facilitated the signing of 21 high-quality industrial projects, with a cumulative investment of 21.578 billion yuan. On the afternoon of December 8, the 2021 Nanjing Rail Transit Industrial Chain High-quality Development Investment Promotion Conference was held in Nanjing. This is also one of the series of activities of the 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference.

2021 Nanjing Rail Transit Industry Chain High-quality Development Investment Promotion Conference, with the theme of “Rail Transit’chain’ in Nanjing, investment and development and’Ning’ win-win”, sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, Nanjing Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Nanjing City Development and Reform Commission, Pukou District People’s Government and other members of the rail transit industry chain work class will undertake the work.

Relevant persons in charge of the Nanjing Rail Transit Industrial Chain Work Class, Pukou District, Nanjing Metro Group Co., Ltd., and CRRC Puzhen Nanjing Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. attended the promotion meeting to discuss the industrial foundation and investment environment of Nanjing rail transit, and the 14th Five-Year Plan of Nanjing Rail Comprehensive promotion and release of transportation development plans and construction projects, CRRC Puzhen industrial chain, and supply chain development needs. Wu Changmin, Executive Dean of Nanjing High-end Transportation Equipment Research Institute, and Yang Hua, Chairman of Shanghai Mingxiao Information Technology Co., Ltd., spoke as representatives of the guests, praising Nanjing’s first-class business environment, innovative atmosphere and significant industrial agglomeration effect, and It expressed the strong desire and confidence to settle in Nanjing, take root in Nanjing, and expand Nanjing.

At the promotion meeting, relevant sectors signed cooperation agreements with key projects in the rail transit industry. 21 projects were signed at the Shanghai Conference, with a total contract value of 21.578 billion yuan. The fruitful harvest has effectively accelerated the agglomeration of innovative resource elements and industrial resources, and provided strong support for upgrading industrial energy levels and building Nanjing rail transit industrial clusters.

The rail transit industry is an important part of the high-end intelligent equipment industry in Nanjing’s “4+4+1” leading industrial system. It is also one of the eight major industrial chains that Nanjing will focus on. There are a total of 150 Nanjing rail transit industry chain enterprises, of which 123 are included in the statistical monitoring. The revenue in the first three quarters exceeded 73 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%; the rail transit industry has initially formed a core carrier with Jiangbei New District , Jiangning District, Qixia District, Pukou District, etc. as the support of the “one master and three assistants” industrial spatial structure.

Xinhua Daily · Meeting Point reporter Hu Jingin

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