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21 schools in Henan cannot open normally due to floods

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Original title: 21 schools in Henan failed to open normally due to floods, and 16,800 students were relocated

The picture shows the scene of the sixth press conference for Henan Province to speed up post-disaster reconstruction.Photo by Yang Dayong

China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 16 (Wang Dengfeng and Yang Dayong) The floods in Henan caused extremely serious damage to 21 primary and secondary schools in 7 counties (cities) including Xingyang City. The fall semester currently does not meet the conditions for normal school opening, involving 16,800 students. Students are properly arranged by means of diversion and lease of school buildings to ensure that every student can start school at the same time.

The Henan Provincial Government Information Office held the “Sixth Press Conference for Accelerating Post-disaster Reconstruction in Henan Province” on the 16th. Chen Yinting, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Department of Education, attended the press conference and notified the above news.

According to preliminary statistics and verification, 7,010 schools in Henan province were damaged to varying degrees, with a direct economic loss of 4.205 billion yuan. Among them, 6,919 primary and secondary schools (including kindergartens and secondary vocational schools) have a direct economic loss of 2.523 billion yuan; 91 colleges and universities have a direct economic loss of 1.682 billion yuan. 15,000 square meters of school buildings collapsed, forming 1.175 million square meters of dilapidated buildings; 22 million sets of teaching equipment (sets), 325,000 sets of desks and stools, and 3.331 million books were destroyed.

Among them, 21 primary and secondary schools in 7 counties (cities) in Xingyang City, Linzhou City, Tangyin County, Qi County, Jun County, Weihui City, and Jiyuan City were extremely damaged. The fall semester currently does not meet the conditions for normal school opening. Involved 16,800 students and 1,116 faculty members.

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After the disaster, the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attached great importance to the losses suffered by schools in the disaster area and were very concerned about the disaster relief work of the education system.

Then, 21 primary and secondary schools are seriously damaged and do not meet the conditions for school opening. How to ensure that the students of the above-mentioned schools start school at the same time?

In this regard, Chen Yinting said that the 21 schools involved 16,800 students, 1,116 faculty and staff, and the existing school building area was 112,600 square meters. For severely damaged primary and secondary schools and kindergartens that need to be reinforced or reconstructed and do not have normal school opening conditions, each school will actively adopt methods such as maintenance and reconstruction, diversion of teachers and students, and lease of school buildings under the guidance and help of the local government and the education administration department. Relocate teachers and students to ensure that all affected students can start the fall semester synchronously with other school students.

According to Chen Yinting, 13 schools, including the No. 1 Junior Middle School in Poshui Town, Xingyang City, Lingyang Middle School in Linzhou City, and No. 3 Middle School in Shangle Village, Weihui City, have adopted the method of distributing students in the region for resettlement; Tangyin County 6 schools including Yangzhuang School in Caiyuan Town, Xinxiangtun Central Primary School in Gaocun Town of Qi County, and the Third Kindergarten in Weihui City adopted the method of integrating school resources for placement; 2 schools including Qulu Primary School in Shangle Village of Weihui City and Jiyuan City Experimental Kindergarten The school adopts the temporary turnover method of renting suitable teaching venues for resettlement; The No. 3 Middle School of Shangle Village, Weihui City, which has 255 students and 22 faculty members, plans to temporarily divert to the neighboring No. 1 Middle School for temporary classes until the school After dredging, repairing, strengthening, and appraisal, the students will be properly arranged in the next step.Return to Sohu to see more

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