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2,750 Palestinians killed and Israel denies the truce

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2,750 Palestinians killed and Israel denies the truce

Hespress is outside the borders. Photo: AFP Hespress – AgenciesMonday, October 16, 2023 – 08:42

The Palestinian Ministry of Health affiliated with Hamas in the Gaza Strip announced on Monday that the death toll as a result of the Israeli bombing had risen to about 2,750 people since the outbreak of the war between Israel and the Palestinian movement.

The ministry mentioned in a brief statement “about 2,750 martyrs and more than 9,700 wounded” in the intense air and artillery bombardment carried out by Israel on the besieged Gaza Strip, after an unprecedented operation launched by the movement against the Hebrew state on October 7.

On the other hand, Israel denied today, Monday, the validity of a truce in the southern Gaza Strip, half an hour after security sources in Egypt announced that such an agreement was scheduled to be implemented.

A statement issued by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “There is currently no truce or humanitarian aid in Gaza in exchange for the removal of foreigners.”

War Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip

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