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31,190 properties were updated by the Multipurpose Cadastre Unit

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31,190 properties were updated by the Multipurpose Cadastre Unit

At the request of Mayor Virna Johnson, the Multipurpose Cadastre Administrative Unit managed to update the cadastre of 31,190 properties in the tourist area of ​​Santa Marta.

The update was developed on a part of the coastal strip in which greater growth and development is seen, as a result of the dynamics of the tourism sector.

This in order to advance the information, updating, conservation and cadastral dissemination. It should be remembered that the cadastre is a statistical census process of real estate in a certain area.

The intervened areas included Pozos Colorados, El Rodadero and El Rodadero Sur. This update allows citizens to start procedures and have more information on formalization processes or access to credit, as well as the public finances of the District and investment in works for Santa Marta.

“These actions are subject to review by citizens; since those who consider that they have suffered a disproportionate increase in their appraisal, may make their respective claims or request for review in the terms established by law through email This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.”, indicated the secretary of the Treasury, Edson Manjarrez.

In the same way, he pointed out that it will be possible to have an updated District with an updated physical and economic inventory of real estate, with great benefits, such as being able to carry out better planning of works, public services, fiscal strengthening, among others.

To this is added that thanks to the update, legal security benefits are obtained, being able to know who the owners of real estate are, better attention in terms of documentation for the real estate sector.

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