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33-year-old Xiao Ran died of liposuction, a “life and death robbery” of Internet celebrities and medical beauty | Hangzhou_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Original title: 33-year-old Xiao Ran died of liposuction, a “life and death” of Internet celebrities and medical beauty

Source: Global People

  Author:Feng Qunxing Chen Rongwei

The Weibo of the Internet celebrity Xiao Ran was stopped in April this year.

  When posting the last Weibo, Xiao Ran was swimming in Guangxi. In the picture, she has long hair to waist, fair skin, and a light green sling dress that echoes the green mountains and waters behind her. Anyone who sees her will sigh “The time is quiet.”

  No one would have thought that a month later, Xiao Ran would be sent to the intensive care unit for a liposuction operation. She, who had always loved beauty, suffered a ulcer and swelling all over her body, and eventually died unfortunately.

  Since 2015, the medical beauty industry has entered a period of rapid development. The huge profits and chaos in this industry are nothing new. But Xiao Ran’s death once again aroused people’s questions: Why are these already beautiful Internet celebrities so keen on doing medical beauty?

  A reporter from “Global People” found that in addition to their own pursuit of beauty, behind the gathering of Internet celebrities in medical beauty, there are hidden gray businesses involving false promotion.

  Pain is unbearable, I hit 120 and admitted to the hospital

On July 15, the topic of “Internet celebrity Xiaoran died of liposuction infection” rushed to the hot search on Weibo.

  According to Xiao Ran’s friend’s Weibo, on May 2 this year, Xiao Ran went to Hangzhou Huayan Medical Beauty Hospital (hereinafter referred to as Huayan Medical Beauty) alone to undergo liposuction.

  After the operation, Xiao Ran was swallowed by intense pain and gave feedback to the medical staff many times. But the medical staff ignored the red flags, thinking that what Xiao Ran encountered was the routine pain of liposuction.

  In the early morning of May 4, Xiao Ran dialed the 120 emergency number and was sent to the intensive care unit of Hangzhou Greentown Cardiovascular Hospital. And Xiao Ran’s family didn’t know that Xiao Ran had an accident until they received a call from the hospital at 6 o’clock in the morning.

  After the family rushed to Hangzhou, Xiao Ran was transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine. “Due to missing the best time for treatment, Xiao Ran has multiple organ failures. The skin on the front chest to the stomach is ulcerated and swollen. It can only be described as terrible…” My friend recalled that Xiao Ran spent two months in the intensive care unit. .

  ·When he was sent for rescue, Xiao Ran’s skin was ulcerated and swollen.The picture is from Xiao Ran Weibo.

  In the meantime, Xiao Ran underwent two whole body sterilization surgeries, “surgery directly on the stomach for sterilization”. However, due to the serious bacterial infection, she eventually passed away on July 13th.

  Xiao Ran continues to have pain and shock after surgery. Why doesn’t Huayan Medical Beauty pay attention to it? Why not send Xiao Ran to the doctor in time? All kinds of questions hovered in the hearts of Xiao Ran’s relatives and friends. They hoped to “seeking a truth” from Huayan Medical Beauty.

  ·Huayan Medical Beauty Nursing Records showed that Xiao Ran reported pain many times after surgery.The picture is from Xiao Ran Weibo.

  While Xiao Ran’s death caused a hot search, it also attracted the attention of the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Hangzhou Health Commission). On the afternoon of July 15, the Hangzhou Health Commission issued a preliminary investigation report:

  “Assessed by experts organized by the Municipal Medical Association, this is a medical accident. Huayan Medical Aesthetic Hospital has faults such as lack of knowledge before surgery, improper operation during surgery, and delay in postoperative observation and treatment. There is a causal relationship with the death of the patient and bears full responsibility. , And compensation has been made. At the same time, the Xihu District Health and Health Bureau issued warnings and fines to the hospital involved and ordered it to suspend business for rectification, and the responsible medical staff will be further dealt with.”

  In addition, the Hangzhou Health Commission also stated that it will draw inferences about this medical accident, strengthen the practice management of medical institutions, and increase the rectification of medical and beauty chaos.

  Beauty has become “just needed”, and Internet celebrities gather for medical beauty

As of the afternoon of July 16, the number of Weibo readers on topics related to Xiao Ran’s death has reached nearly 800 million. Countless people feel sorry and sad for this girl’s early death.

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  Xiao Ran’s friends revealed that the 33-year-old Xiao Ran had a good family and a worry-free life. He founded his own luxury brand very early and has many followers.

  Before the accident, Xiao Ran had more than 100,000 followers on Weibo. On Weibo, she introduces the company’s new products, does live broadcasts with goods, and often shares happy moments in life: watching exhibitions, traveling, and having afternoon tea with her girlfriends…

  In the eyes of outsiders, everything in Xiao Ran’s life is ideal. But there are still some clues that Xiao Ran is dissatisfied with his appearance.

  From 2010 to before her death, she mentioned losing weight several times. For example, in August 2020, she posted on Weibo with emotion: “Every time I feel that I need to lose weight, I can’t help but eat again…Humans will never be able to do it.” In September, she posted a set of photos of new clothes. Self-deprecating is a “110-jin plus size model”.

  ·In September last year, Xiao Ran laughed at himself as a “large model”.The picture is from Xiao Ran Weibo.

  In the mouth of a friend, Xiao Ran is a “pain-afraid” person. Perhaps, she had also struggled with whether or not to have medical surgery. Earlier, someone commented on her beautiful appearance, and she replied that “it seems right to hold back no plastic surgery”.

  What finally prompted Xiao Ran to make the decision to change his life? We have no way of knowing the answer. However, according to the reporter of “Universal People”, for many Internet celebrities like Xiao Ran, beauty has become “just needed”.

  Zhou Yangqing, Han Anran, Han Zang Forest…many well-known Internet celebrities areOnceHave publicly shared his medical beauty experience. The rise of new business formats such as webcasting has given birth to the “appearance economy”. People have discovered that the “look bonus” can really be realized, and the medical beauty industry will usher in rapid development.

  According to Chen Zhiquan, director of Beijing Yongcheng Charm Plastic Surgery Department and member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association’s Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Branch, the trend of medical beauty is indeed popular in the Internet celebrity circle. He told the reporter of “Universal People” that although the makeup and post-production techniques are very advanced now, Internet celebrities often participate in offline activities. Many people hope to use medical beauty to make themselves more beautiful and more photogenic. “The industry they are in determines the importance they place on appearance and image.”

  “All the Internet celebrities or anchors I have come across that make money by looking at them, none of them have never done medical beauty.” Zhihu Medical Beauty blogger Ting Ting bluntly told the reporter of “Universal People”.

  ·Certain flatAn internet celebrity who shared his medical beauty experience on stage.The picture comes from the network.

  Internet celebrities bring goods and medical beauty “the water is deep”

Some insiders suspect that the reason why Xiao Ran chose Huayan Medical Beauty was probably because he believed in relevant promotion information. The information is packaged into so-called “experience sharing” and “grass notes”, and then the Internet celebrities will publicly promote the goods. The essence is actually profit-driven advertising.

  In recent years, it has become more and more common for Internet celebrities to share their medical and aesthetic experience on various social platforms. Many industry insiders told the “Global People” reporter that the medical beauty industry is an industry that highly relies on marketing to obtain customers, and there is “very deep water” in it.

  “For example, if I introduce you to a certain medical and aesthetic institution for nose work, the institution may give me a commission of 30%. Not only that, I can get commission for all the projects you will do in this institution. This is very common for ordinary people. It’s hard to imagine.” An industry insider revealed to a reporter from “Global People”.

·There are a lot of recruitment and promotion information on social platforms.

  It is understood that medical aesthetics agencies look for Internet celebrities for marketing and promotion, and they are also broken down into different forms. One is to invite Internet celebrities to actually visit the store, and the medical beauty institution will have to pay a higher cost; the other is “writing on behalf of the agency”, the Internet celebrity does not actually come to the store, but based on the material provided by the medical beauty institution, the production is fake Promotional copy.

  When inviting Internet celebrities, medical beauty institutions and related intermediaries often take the form of “casting a net widely.” The Weibo big V Huahua (pseudonym) with nearly one million fans told the reporter of “Global People” that once a medical beauty agency asked her to introduce customers and promised a commission of up to 60%. But in fact, Huahua is a knowledge blogger. She has never expressed her interest in medical beauty on Weibo, nor has she shared relevant content.

  “In fact, if you think about it, how many people are willing to share their own operations? Since normal logic is not willing to be known by others, then why do you share so much experience… In fact, many people have never done it. Tingting, the blogger of Zhihu Medical Beauty, told the reporter of “Universal People” that a medical beauty agency that “seeked cooperation” sent her ready-made materials, but the so-called “double eyelid surgery effect” in the picture was basically “make-up”. Out of it”.

  On the afternoon of July 16, a reporter from “Global People” contacted a number of agency agencies as a staff member of the medical aesthetics agency. The promotion templates they provide are basically organized according to the following routine: because of dissatisfaction with the appearance, the idea of ​​cosmetic surgery is initiated-looking for a hospital-eliciting promotional objects-satisfactory postoperative results.

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  ·The template sent by the agency to the reporter of “Universal People”.

  One of the intermediaries, Xiao Xu, introduced to reporters that his company has many Xiaohongshu accounts, and the number of fans of the accounts is different, and the promotion price is also different: no fan account is 35 yuan, a hundred fan account is 45 yuan, and a thousand fan account is 55 yuan. One piece, 150 yuan per Wanfan account. Another Xiao Ning, who claims to be an employee of Jiangxi Kuku Culture Media Co., Ltd., said that they only provide “delegation” services, with 100 yuan for a thousand fans account and 260 yuan for a million fans account.

  Regarding another promotion method, namely, visiting shops, Xiao Xu told reporters that according to the geographical location of medical beauty institutions and the number of fans, the price is different, the urban area is cheaper, and the suburbs are more expensive. “If the county level (local) is more biased, Some bloggers are reluctant to go.” In terms of the number of fans, it is 800 yuan for a million-fan blogger to visit a store, and 2500 yuan for a 100,000-fan blogger to visit a store. He also said that this kind of shop exploration “generally doesn’t really use a knife and can pretend to experience the project.”

  Net celebrities “pretend to experience”, of course, the true effect of the operation cannot be guaranteed. As an internet celebrity, Xiao Ran himself may have been affected by other internet celebrities’ false “carrying goods” and finally embarked on a path of no return.

  ·The cooperation schedule sent by Xiao Xu to reporters involved many medical institutions, doctors and Internet celebrities.

  How to avoid being brought into the “pit” by false goods

In recent years, Internet celebrities have been doing medical and beauty products, and there have been many cases of overturning. Internet celebrities involved in the matter delete information and change their names to have a chance to “make a comeback”, while those involved in medical accidents may face lifelong pain.

  In 2018, “Modern Express” reported on the experience of Hubei girl Lili (pseudonym). At that time, Lily met the medical beauty marketing team named “jur” through the recommendation of a Weibo internet celebrity who also performed liposuction.

  The operation cost Lily 200,000 yuan, but it did not bring her a beautiful figure, but a dozen purple-red scars, large areas of hardened skin and uneven fat all over her body. After the operation, Lily spent about 120,000 yuan for skin repairs in other hospitals-at the same time she was told that some parts of her body could not be repaired for life.

  ·After Lily had liposuction, her fat bumps were obvious.Picture from Modern Express.

  In 2020, Ms. Jiang in Shenzhen also encountered a similar routine. According to Red Star News and other media reports, the recommendation information that Ms. Jiang first saw came from a Weibo internet celebrity with 200,000 fans. The internet celebrity also offered a 5% discount coupon.

  “Finished research in the fat field for 17 years, tens of thousands of successful cases, well-known autologous fat plastic surgery experts in China…” Seeing these descriptions, Ms. Jiang felt that the “Doctor Li” recommended by Internet celebrities should be reliable, and went to a hospital in Sichuan to do it. Facial liposuction surgery. Unexpectedly, after the operation, she developed facial paralysis symptoms such as a crooked mouth, and was diagnosed with facial nerve injury after examinations in many hospitals.

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  ·Ms. Jiang finished facial pumpingSymptoms of facial paralysis appeared after liposuction.Picture from Red Star News.

  “Judging from the data of public judgment documents, after 2016, medical and aesthetic disputes have shown a rising trend. In these cases, the most common are reputation rights and portrait rights disputes, followed by health rights and life rights disputes.” Lawyer Wang Lan Tell the reporter of “Global People” that false propaganda and illegal medical practice are the two prominent problems of medical and aesthetic institutions involved in lawsuits.

  Complaint data on the official website of the China Consumers Association shows that from 2015 to 2020, the number of complaints received by the National Consumers Association in the medical and aesthetic industry has increased from 483 to 7,233, and the number of complaints has increased by nearly 14 times in five years.

  According to Wang Lan, if the medical aesthetic surgery causes the patient’s disability and has serious consequences that affect health or even death, the person concerned needs to determine the injury through judicial appraisal, and then go through civil or criminal procedures based on the specific case. However, if the cause of the dispute between the two parties is not medical disability but aesthetic disagreement, for example, if the double eyelids are cut too deeply, it will be difficult for patients to defend their rights.

  She mentioned that in response to the rapid development of the medical beauty industry, relevant departments have formulated a series of regulations, judicial interpretations and industry standards including the “Administrative Measures for Medical Beauty Services.” However, the industrial chain of the medical aesthetics industry is very complicated, and there may be problems in institutions, physicians, injections, equipment, and places, and it is difficult to fully cover the power of the regulatory authorities.

  In 2020, eight ministries and commissions including the National Health Commission, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, and the Ministry of Public Security issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Comprehensive Supervision and Law Enforcement of Medical Beauty.” In June this year, a number of ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Special Rectification Work Plan for Combating Illegal Medical Beauty Services” to further control the chaos in the industry.

  For those seeking beauty, the most important thing is to make cautious decisions-the Huayan medical beauty chosen by Xiao Ran is not “black medical beauty”, but she still paid the price of her life.

  In Chen Zhiquan’s view, after the marketization of the medical beauty industry, many risks have been deliberately downplayed by practitioners, resulting in insufficient awareness of the risks of some beauty seekers. Take the now very popular hyaluronic acid injection as an example, “If a shot is not good enough to get into the blood vessel, it may cause serious complications, such as skin necrosis and blindness of the eyes.”

  He emphasized that those seeking beauty should first pay attention to whether the medical beauty institution has medical qualifications, and secondly choose experienced surgeons. “Online information must be carefully screened. Many so-called Internet celebrities are actually moist. You also need to use multiple channels to further understand the qualifications, years of experience, and technical level of the surgeon, including whether or not the surgery you are going to do What he is good at.”

  “Surgery will be risky. Once you have a risk during the operation, such as infection, can the hospital handle it safely and quickly? This is very important.” Chen Zhiquan added that in addition to medical aesthetics techniques, beauty seekers should also carefully examine medical aesthetics. The level of medical safety and risk response capabilities of the institution.

  As a medical beauty blogger who has “experienced with the knife”, Tingting’s experience is “make comparisons when looking for hospitals and doctors.” “The right to make decisions must be in your own hands, and no matter how much others are talking about, you have to go to the face-to-face consultation and discuss with the doctor. Otherwise, you are joking about your own life and even your life.” She said.

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