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38,000 doctors and nurses in 15 provinces supported Shanghai experts: the epidemic exceeded two years ago in Wuhan | Shanghai epidemic | Shanghai epidemic scale | Epidemic control information

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38,000 doctors and nurses in 15 provinces supported Shanghai experts: the epidemic exceeded two years ago in Wuhan | Shanghai epidemic | Shanghai epidemic scale | Epidemic control information

[NTD Beijing, April 5, 2022]Shanghai’s epidemic situation is severe, and the medical system is overwhelmed. The authorities dispatched 38,000 medical staff from 15 provinces to station in Shanghai, and a large number of troops and armed police also stationed in Shanghai to assist in epidemic prevention and stability maintenance. An expert revealed that the scale of the epidemic in Shanghai is bigger than that in Wuhan two years ago.

Shanghai expert: more and more asymptomatic people are under great pressure

According to a CCTV news report, Jiao Yahui, director of medical administration and medical management of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China, said on April 4 that more than 38,000 medical personnel have been dispatched to Shanghai from 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Responsible for nucleic acid sampling and testing.

Shanghai has about 25 million inhabitants, and the number of infections has continued to surge due to the highly contagious Omicron variant. On April 4, it was officially announced that the number of infected people in Shanghai had exceeded 10,000 in a single day, but the outside world questioned that the CCP’s information was not transparent, and the actual number of infected people may be higher.

In response to the current situation of the epidemic in Shanghai, Chen Erzhen, the head of the medical treatment team at the centralized isolation point in Shanghai, revealed in an interview with the party media “People’s Daily” “Dajiangdong Studio” on April 2 that the scale of the epidemic in Shanghai is larger than that in Wuhan two years ago. More and more asymptomatic infections increase the difficulty of management and control, and the pressure is very high.

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He said that if the number of asymptomatic infections is too large, people who have the conditions may be quarantined at home in the future.

US media: about 100,000 troops, armed police, and medical care stationed in Shanghai

According to the CCP Military News, on April 3, the army dispatched more than 2,000 people to support Shanghai’s epidemic prevention. According to Radio Free Asia, about 100,000 armed police and medical staff from all over China have arrived in Shanghai recently. In addition to assisting in the fight against the epidemic, they also need to prevent and control social incidents.

Ms. Feng, a Shanghai resident who lives near the airport, told Radio Free Asia on the 4th, “The armed police came on March 28 and 29, and a large number of armed police came in. They came in quietly before, but since Vice Premier Sun Chunlan came, they came in openly. Yes. Last night, the residents near the airport stayed up all night, saying that the rumbling military transport plane was very noisy. In addition, there were helicopters flying over, all night before. “

Zhang Jin, a scholar from Puxi in Shanghai, told Radio Free Asia that at present, there are armed police posts at the gate of the community where he lives to prevent residents from climbing over the wall or going out at will. “Now that all the troops are brought in, this is a double-edged sword, especially the old men and women in the community can’t control it. A special police officer with a gun is stationed at the gate of a community. They are afraid that something will happen in Shanghai, and they must control it now. ( Shanghai) accident is not a trivial matter. Now it is like a broken lantern, it is glued here and broken there.”

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At present, Shanghai has implemented “global static management”, and everyone “stays at home”, which is equivalent to a complete closure of the city. After arriving in Shanghai, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan passed an order from the central government, requesting Shanghai to complete the so-called “social clearing” as soon as possible. According to the previous experience of other cities, in order to achieve “social zero”, a large number of Shanghai citizens will be transferred to other places for isolation. There is news on the Internet that many cities around Shanghai are preparing to receive quarantined personnel from Shanghai.

Shanghai’s strict measures of “closing the city to zero” have caused serious secondary disasters and sparked public grievances. Don Weinland, the China correspondent of The Economist in Shanghai, described his life situation on Twitter on the 4th.

He said that the hotel where he lives has no drinking water, and the online water delivery service has also been suspended. But he found that the CCP’s state media was praising Shanghai’s epidemic control.

“It’s hard not to feel that the 25 million people here are part of some kind of disastrous political experiment,” he wrote in a tweet. “The residents are suffering while the state media applauds them.”

(Twitter screenshot)

In addition, like the Wuhan epidemic in 2020, the authorities are strictly controlling the epidemic information while controlling the epidemic. Some reports reflecting the current situation and difficulties of residents’ lives were quickly deleted.

“So many articles and posts about Shanghai are censored,” China expert Li Mingzhang tweeted, “I just wanted to read an article in Caixin about community residents signing a joint letter saying they don’t want to be quarantined. Has been “404” invisible.”

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(Twitter screenshot)

Another Caixin report about deaths in Shanghai’s elderly homes was quickly deleted.

Josh Chin, deputy director of The Wall Street Journal’s China department, tweeted, “Huge respect to Caixin reporters for reporting the hidden death toll in Shanghai’s largest nursing home, and they understand This story will definitely be censored. The article only survived for an hour.”

(Twitter screenshot)

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: Wen Hui)

URL of this article: https://www.ntdtv.com/gb/2022/04/05/a103392207.html

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