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43 residential land auctions, 26 unattended bids, Beijing land auction market is full of wait-and-see sentiment

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Original title: 43 cases of residential land auctions, 26 cases of unmanned bidding, Beijing’s land auction market, with strong wait-and-see sentiment Source: CCTV Finance

On October 11, Beijing announced the deadline for the second batch of commercial residential land supply bids. The reporter learned from the Beijing Land Reserve Center that the Beijing land market received 16 bids from more than 50 companies. . At the same time, the time for listing and bidding for 26 commercial residential land was postponed.

On August 30, 2021, Beijing concentratedly announced the second batch of commercial residential land in this year, a total of 43 cases, a land area of ​​about 245 hectares, and a construction scale of about 4.96 million square meters. Among them, a bidding project in Pinggu District was completed on September 27. Successful deal. Today, the application for bidding for the remaining listed projects is closed. A total of 16 parcels of land have received valid bidding applications. There are more than 50 companies participating in the bidding (times), involving central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. Among the 16 parcels of land, 8 were located in the central urban area, with a land area of ​​about 33.6 hectares; 7 were located in the plains and sub-centers, with a land area of ​​about 37 hectares; and 1 were located in an ecological conservation area, with a land area of ​​about 2.6 hectares. The deadline for quotation of the above-mentioned 16 parcels is October 12th. At that time, according to the market competition, the land bidder will be determined through on-site bidding, lottery lottery, or submission of high-standard commercial housing construction plans.

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In order to further implement the goals of stabilizing land prices, housing prices, and stabilizing expectations, maintain the stability of the land market, and optimize the conditions for transfer, on October 11, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources issued the Project HR00-0406-6016, 6017, 6020, 6023 Lot R2 second-class residential land, B1 commercial land and other 26 state-owned construction land use rights transfer and listing bidding announcement”, the second batch of land supply projects 26 The time for the listing and bidding of commercial residential land has been adjusted. After the adjustment, the deadline for the above-mentioned parcel bidding application and the closing time for listing and bidding are consistent with the next batch of commercial residential land centralized supply projects.

Chen Zhi, secretary-general of the Beijing Real Estate Association, believes that the second batch of centralized land auctions in many cities across the country has been cold, and the recent “explosion” of private enterprises such as Evergrande has made real estate companies uncertain about future market trends. Under this circumstance, Beijing postponed some land transactions to reserve sufficient investment decision time for enterprises, which will help guide enterprises to bid rationally and maintain the stability of the land market.

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, believes that the extension of the bidding time for some land parcels largely reflects Beijing’s resolute implementation of the central real estate control spirit as the capital and attaches great importance to new situations and problems in real estate work. It is expected that during the extension period, Beijing will optimize the transfer conditions of these plots in accordance with the actual market conditions and regulatory requirements to achieve precise land supply and implement the requirement of “no speculation in housing and housing” to better achieve stable land prices and stability. Housing prices, stabilizing expected work objectives, and implementing long-term real estate regulation and control mechanisms to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

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