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45 crore arrears, fear of service suspension of 244 BRT vehicles

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45 crore arrears, fear of service suspension of 244 BRT vehicles

Web Desk: Due to the non-payment of arrears of Rs.45 crore, Divco Company has sent a letter to the Caretaker Chief Minister to pay the arrears, indicating that the maintenance and operation of 244 vehicles of BRT will be stopped, in which the government will be given three months to pay the arrears. According to the letter sent in this regard, 244 vehicles of Trans Peshawar are being operated from Chamkani Depot and Hayatabad Depot by North South Travels Private Limited and East West Transport Private Limited.
According to the terms and conditions of the relevant agreements with the company, the provincial government is obliged to pay the monthly invoices within the first 10 days of every month, however, despite repeated demands and reminders, the invoices of the companies are not cleared in violation of the agreements. 450 million i.e. 45 crore rupees is outstanding for February, March and April. Meetings have also been held with the Secretary, Secretary Transport and the management of Trans Company Peshawar, but the issue has not been addressed and despite the availability of required funds, there is unnecessary delay in payment by Trans Company Peshawar, the letter said. It has been reported that funds are required for the purchase of diesel, engine oil and spare parts, apart from the payment of electricity and salary expenses under this project.
Which can be fulfilled only if timely payments are made as per the agreement. According to the letter, the non-payment of Rs 450 million is putting a heavy financial burden on the company and if this trend continues, the company service will be suspended due to lack of funds. may not be able to operate further which may adversely affect the project and more than 3 lakh people will be deprived of transportation services and their livelihood and household activities will be affected while adversely affecting the interest of the people of Peshawar.

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