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45 percent agree that Palmer’s departure from the Greens is correct

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45 percent agree that Palmer’s departure from the Greens is correct

According to a Yougov survey, around 45 percent of citizens in Germany consider the resignation of Tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer to the Greens to be correct after the recent escalation of his choice of words. 11 percent of those surveyed find the decision wrong, according to a representative survey by the opinion research institute commissioned by the German Press Agency. However, 23 percent said they knew nothing about the scandal, 16 percent said they were undecided, and 6 percent gave no information.

At the end of April, the head of the Tübingen town hall had a verbal argument with a protest group about his use of the “N-word”. The protesters confronted him with shouts of “Nazis out”. Thereupon he said: “This is nothing other than the Star of David. That’s because I used a word that you attach everything else to. If you say the wrong word, you are a Nazi.” The “N-Word” is used today to paraphrase a racist term for black people that was used in Germany in the past. Companions had also criticized him for the choice of words in Frankfurt am Main.

After the escalation, Palmer resigned from the party on May 1 and announced a break for June. At that point, his membership had been suspended due to other statements. According to the survey, 20 percent of people believe that Palmer’s departure from the Greens will harm the party. Almost as many (19 percent) are convinced that the departure will benefit the party. But 41 percent believe that Palmer’s departure has no impact on the Greens. 20 percent did not provide any information.

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Palmer recently explained to “Bild” that he wanted to use his break for talks and gather strength. He will not read emails and avoid social media. Palmer will be represented during the break in Tübingen by Mayor Cord Soehlke and Mayor Daniela Harsch. Palmer, who is 51 today, has been mayor of the city of Tübingen since 2007.

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