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5 main advantages for the student of taking a Robotics and Programming course

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5 main advantages for the student of taking a Robotics and Programming course

These courses provide children with creativity, cognitive flexibility, good interpersonal relationships, etc.

Writes: Enrique Meza, director of the Cybertronic Institute.

What are the 5 main advantages of a course that involves Robotics and Programming?

Promotes cognitive development

Knowing how computer programs work to solve everyday situations is closely linked to problem-solving skills. From the conception of a project, through the assembly of the parts, to the programming of the robot’s tasks, children and adolescents need to exercise their logical reasoning to visualize possibilities and reach the appropriate conclusions.

Projects that involve technology are essentially creative and, therefore, the creativity of the little ones develops at full speed. In addition, there is the development of one’s own learning capacity, since children become more perceptive, which favors their school performance in general.

Provides interdisciplinary learning

Computer science is an interdisciplinary field. When studying it, children need to transfer, at the same time, their knowledge of mechanics, physics, mathematics and English, among others. Interdisciplinary learning is very welcome, as it helps children and adolescents relate content and understand it in a more contextualized way.

Promotes teamwork

Projects involving technology are usually carried out as a team. In an increasingly inter-cooperative world, learning from a young age to relate to peers, respect different ideas, exchange knowledge and draw conclusions collectively is extremely beneficial for the future of the little ones, both on a personal and professional level.

After all, teamwork favors social development, the spirit of integration and communication skills. These skills are very important when we think about the social role of the school, that is, of Education as a way to form future collaborative citizens with transformative potential.

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Improves organizational skills

Organization is part of every step in programming. That’s because it all starts with the planning and structuring phase of the project. So execution requires that all phases are ordered and that every detail goes as planned. Thus, the little ones learn – while having fun – to be more organized, a very important skill for life.

Prepare for future professional life

Finally, as we said, a computer course for children can make a big difference in their professional life in the future. Many professions that exist today will be replaced by technology in the coming years, while new ones will emerge precisely due to technological advances.

In this sense, professionals who are already aligned with this transformation will have better placement possibilities. Even if your child does not follow a career directly linked to this area, the skills developed in this learning are increasingly desired in the market: creativity, cognitive flexibility, good interpersonal relationships, etc.

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