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5-month-old boy dies in Pueblo Rico, Risaralda

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5-month-old boy dies in Pueblo Rico, Risaralda

The community of Pueblo Rico is concerned about the death of Jhony Esteban Nequeta González, a five-month-old indigenous baby, presumably due to malaria, in the community of Oscordó, in the Gito Dokabú reservation, west of Risaralda.

According to reports, his parents, despite the fever that the minor had for two days, did not take him to any health center, because they were afraid that they would be rejected and not treated because they did not have the civil birth registration. of the minor.

The consternation of the death of Jhony Esteban is added to the different cases that have been occurring in the area and that have raised a cry of concern among the local authorities.

The governor of the department Juan Diego Patiño has already taken action on the matter, to combat the causes of deaths in indigenous minors in the sector, working hand in hand with the mayor of the municipality and articulating agreements with the Pueblo Rico hospital.

“We set up working groups with the ICBF, with the municipal mayor’s office, with the ESE of Pueblo Rico and the Ministry of Health of Risaralda to address this problem that is being experienced pitifully with our indigenous communities, especially in the communities of Pueblo Rico.” , mentioned the departmental leader.

The situation is so worrying that one of the options to stop this problem is to articulate solutions with experts from the Technological University of Pereira, to bring in early childhood specialists and thus address the situation in a comprehensive manner, protecting the lives of minors.

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The case of Nequete Gnzález is not isolated. Last week, another 15-year-old girl, named Doris Restrepo Chalarca, died of malaria at the San Jorge Hospital in Pereira, which led the authorities to do rapid tests on indigenous people in the area and found that 55 of them suffered from the disease.

With these tragic events, there are now 12 indigenous minors who have died so far in 2024 in the municipality of Pueblo Rico. Faced with this situation, the indigenous community demands urgent intervention from the Ministry of Health to clarify the causes of these deaths and take preventive measures.

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