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560 people in Nanjing’s epidemic spreading chain, the CDC directly pointed out the loopholes in prevention and control | COVID-19

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560 people in Nanjing’s epidemic spread chain. The CDC directly points out the loopholes in prevention and control

Author: Ma Xiaohua

After the outbreak in Nanjing on July 20, the epidemic gradually spread. What is the root cause? How to deal with the delta mutant strain?

According to the statistics of a reporter from China Business News, as of 24:00 on August 4, a total of 560 people had been infected in the spread chain of the Nanjing Airport epidemic, involving 11 provinces and the Macao Special Administrative Region. After the new crown epidemic has entered normalized prevention and control, what links have led to such a rapid and widespread spread?

In this regard, He Qinghua, the first-level inspector of the CDC of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on August 5 that, judging from the recent clusters of epidemics, it has not occurred in some places for a long time. In the epidemic, some cadres and the masses are indeed lax and paralyzed. They regard normalization as normalization and low risk as zero risk. The prevention and control work has been slack, and there are some shortcomings and loopholes.

However, He Qinghua believes that as long as all localities strictly implement various prevention and control measures, the epidemic can be basically controlled within two to three incubation periods.

 When to reflect on prevention and control loopholes

After the outbreak of the Nanjing epidemic, due to its initial insidious transmission, it spread to other areas for expansion and spread, making the epidemic gradually continue to spread across the country in a multi-center situation. The reason for the current status of transmission still comes from ineffective prevention and control.

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In the Eighth Edition of the New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Guidelines, there are clear requirements, requiring all localities to adhere to the early, small, strict, pragmatic, scientific, accurate, powerful, orderly and effective handling of the outbreak.

He Qinghua believes that the word “fast” should be highlighted in terms of internal non-proliferation of local outbreaks. How to highlight the word “fast”? There are “five firsts” here: the emergency command system is fully activated at the first time to implement risk area management and control; the nucleic acid test of all employees in key areas is activated at the first time to find out the bottom line; the public health, public security, and industrial information are strengthened at the first time Cooperate to find the possible close connection and close connection in the shortest time, so that it should be separated, centralized and standardized; the first time in accordance with the requirements of the “four concentration”, the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine can prevent mild cases from turning to severe cases, “one person” “One strategy” will spare no effort to treat patients; promptly release information and guide public opinion, strive for the understanding and cooperation of the masses, and curb the spread of the epidemic.

But whether it’s from Nanjing orZhangjiajie, Weak links appeared in the prevention and control of the epidemic, which led to the further spread of the new crown epidemic.

“Faced with this situation, all localities, especially places where no epidemic has occurred, must recognize the severe complexity of the current prevention and control work, further raise awareness of prevention and control, strengthen overall coordination, adhere to problem orientation, prepare for emergency response, and strengthen Community prevention and control, weave a tightly woven epidemic prevention and control network.” He Qinghua said.

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  Delta increases the difficulty of prevention and control

The normalized prevention and control team in a state of relaxation and paralysis, this time encountered the Delta mutant strain.

At present, there are some differences in the interpretation of Delta virus, which has caused panic among the public to varying degrees. For this, the National Health Commission has given an authoritative explanation.

In response to a question from China Business News, He Qinghua stated that the delta variant was first discovered in the new crown pneumonia cases reported in India in September 2020. The World Health Organization announced on May 10 this year that the delta variant will be included in the new crown of global concern. Virus variants. At present, it has been circulating in more than 130 countries and regions and has become the main virus strain of the global new crown pandemic. This strain has the characteristics of fast transmission, fast replication in the body, and long time to turn negative.

He said that relevant scientific research and epidemic prevention and control practices at home and abroad have shown that the Delta mutant strain has not caused a subversive change in the biological characteristics of the new crown virus. The source of infection and the route of transmission are basically clear. The mutant strain is still effective. Existing vaccines still have good preventive and protective effects, can reduce the risk of virus transmission in the population, reduce the transmission power of infected persons, and effectively reduce the incidence of severe illness and mortality after infection. Some time ago, for the first time, my country successfully blocked the local epidemic of delta variants that occurred in several cities in Guangdong Province with dense populations and high mobility, which proved that vaccinations, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding crowds Measures such as gathering are effective.

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On July 31, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference. Feng Zijian, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the incubation period and the passage interval of the Delta strain have been shortened, about an average of 1 to 2 days. “In the past, we knew that the incubation period was about 5 to 6 days, but now it is about 4 days. Its passage interval used to be four or five days, but now it has become about 3 days.”

Based on this estimate, this round of the epidemic is expected to be brought under control in the next ten days or so.

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