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6,000 Bullis in Hanover: VW Bus Festival 2023 runs until Sunday | > – News – Lower Saxony

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6,000 Bullis in Hanover: VW Bus Festival 2023 runs until Sunday |  > – News – Lower Saxony

As of: 06/24/2023 6:12 p.m

Everything revolves around the Bulli at the VW Bus Festival 2023 in Hanover until Sunday. Until then, there will be special exhibitions, concerts and a family program on the exhibition grounds.

Camping with your own Bulli and admiring others: According to the organizer Volkswagen, the festival is the largest VW bus meeting of its kind with 6,000 participating vehicles Freitag the meeting attracted thousands of Bulli fans to the exhibition center, it was said on Saturday. At the start there was an official convoy. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer wants to present more than 70 historic Bullis. According to VW, there has never been a larger exhibition of classic VW bus models. This also includes “Sofie” from 1950, the oldest still registered Bulli in the world.

AUDIO: 1950: The VW Bulli goes into series production (14 min)

VW buses of all kinds and spare parts

The T1 “caterpillar fox” and a panel car assembled by VW employees with original parts from the 1940s can also be seen, according to the announcement. In addition to Bulli classics and new models, elaborate conversions and other special vehicles will also be on display at the festival. Bulli fans could find suitable spare parts, accessories and fan items at a parts market.

Bulli Festival with music: Bosse, Rea Garvey, Die Fantastischen Vier

On Saturday, unusual Bullis and their owners were to be chosen in various categories – for example as “most original Bulli”, “best motto vehicle” and “most romantic love story”. The nominated vehicles can be viewed on the site during the festival. A family program is offered on Sunday. Concerts take place on all three days of the festival, including performances by Bosse, Rea Garvey and the Fantastischen Vier.

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Further information

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