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62 projects with a total investment of 73.6 billion yuan were signed_Economic Development Zone_Manufacturing_Industry

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Original title: 62 projects with a total investment of 73.6 billion yuan were signed

With a total investment of 73.6 billion yuan, 62 high-quality industrial projects were signed and settled in the Economic Development Zone. On August 15, Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone held an investment promotion conference and the signing ceremony of key projects of the 6th Silk Expo. The signed projects involved automobile, electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and new energy and other industries, covering industrial manufacturing. , scientific and technological innovation, headquarters economy and industry-city integration and other fields have injected strong impetus into the implementation of the “Four New Strategies” by the Economic and Technological Development Zone.

At the event site, the Economic and Technological Development Zone discussed the different directions of the “Four New Strategies”, such as science and technology innovation engine, new industrial highland, opening new portal, and new urban center, with CLP (Shaanxi) Energy Investment Co., Ltd. , ZF Orient Company, CRRC Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to sign contracts.

New projects focus on industrialization

Innovation leads the construction of demonstration zones

The contracted projects have high investment intensity, strong demonstration drive, good development prospects, and high technology content. The project will rely on the comprehensive bonded area and other open cooperation platforms, focus on the construction of “Qin Chuangyuan Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Belt”, build Shaanxi Construction New Energy Research Institute, Digital Economy Industry Innovation Base, Herong Electric Research Institute and other carriers, and strive to break through a number of manufacturing industries Key technologies to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, around new energy, big data, e-commerce and other industries, we will build advanced manufacturing industrial parks, comprehensive energy utilization, smart big data and other platforms, and help leading industries such as automobiles, new materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing to extend the chain and strengthen the chain. The Economic and Technological Development Zone provides strong support for building a new industrial highland.

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Sun Rongkun, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of CRRC Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., said: “The Economic Development Zone has a strong industrial foundation and great potential for industrial upgrading.” He said that the company will seek common development with the Economic Development Zone, and by promoting the joint innovation of upstream and downstream enterprises, Reshape the “ecosystem” of innovation and cooperation.

Auto manufacturing is gaining momentum

The entire industry chain covers a 100 billion-level cluster

Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone has now formed an automobile industry development pattern with Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck and Xi’an Geely as the leader and Cummins engine and other components as the support, covering complete vehicles, special vehicles and power systems, vehicle thermal management, chassis, body, Automotive industry chain such as interior and exterior decoration. At present, the Economic and Technological Development Zone has initially formed an automobile industry chain and supply chain system with an annual output of 300,000 heavy trucks and 300,000 passenger cars. Four pillar industries, automobiles, new materials and new energy, high-end equipment, and electronic information, will break through in total output value. 300 billion yuan, and the annual output value of the characteristic manufacturing industry will exceed 50 billion yuan.

“Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, as an important carrier of the automobile industry, has a highly concentrated automobile industry chain, abundant human resources, and an excellent business environment.” Shen Xiaochun, Asia Pacific Operations Director of ZF Passive Safety Division, said that ZF Asia Pacific Group will continue to increase The large investment in the Economic and Technological Development Zone will distribute the products with high technology content and superior performance in Xi’an, and contribute to the development of the automobile industry in the Economic and Technological Development Zone.

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In the future, the Economic and Technological Development Zone will continue to focus on the construction of “Qin Chuangyuan”, deploy the Qin Chuangyuan Construction Technology Industrial Park project, the Mapletree Advanced Manufacturing Comprehensive Industrial Park project, the Digital Cloud City Industrial Park project, etc., and continue to give full play to the Qin Chuangyuan advanced manufacturing project. Industry demonstration belt demonstration and leading role, and relying on the “one river and two banks” spatial layout and park positioning, give full play to the advantages of Weibei New Town, Jingwei New Town and other parks, and introduce a high-end equipment manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace key parts manufacturing and other fields. A number of backbone enterprises with leading technology and broad prospects will be established, and efforts will be made to build an industrial pattern and development potential of “big enterprises stand tall and small and medium-sized enterprises dominate the sky”.

It is worth mentioning that in this Silk Expo, the Economic and Technological Development Zone focuses on “passenger vehicle (new energy) industry chain, heavy truck industry chain, solar photovoltaic industry chain, consumer goods manufacturing industry chain, rail transit industry chain, titanium and The six major industrial chains of “Titanium Alloy Industry Chain” will organize exhibitions, and will hold a series of exhibitions and exhibitions, involving many fields of advanced manufacturing. Global merchants and the general public can see a series of advanced manufacturing products such as Shaanxi Auto’s unmanned vehicles, Western Superconducting titanium small parts, smart new energy vehicles, and Alstom traction motors in the exhibition hall.China Business Daily reporter Chen Jianhua Return to Sohu, see more

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