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63 illegal cattle caught in Kırklareli – Current News

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63 illegal cattle caught in Kırklareli – Current News

Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry teams carried out a vaccination study in an enterprise in Lüleburgaz district within the framework of the fight against foot and mouth disease. During the vaccination study, the teams detected that there were animals with earrings. In the research conducted by the teams, it was determined that there were 63 illegal cattle.

animalsWhile a was seized, the owner of the business was fined 55 thousand 672 liras.

The animals, which were taken to slaughter, were handed over to their owners after the procedures.

breeders Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Mehmet Aksoy, who warned about the need to be sensitive, said, “As it is known, our Thrace Region has been vaccinated from Foot and Mouth Disease since 2010, the region has been protected from Sheep and Goat Pest (PPR) Disease in 2020, and it is free from Sheep Goat Pox Disease as of 2022. It has been declared a region and the entry of live animals from Anatolia to Thrace is prohibited. In order to preserve the bee status of our region, we invite all our breeders to be sensitive, if they suspect animal movements in the places they live, they should report to the nearest Provincial/District Directorate. All measures taken are to protect our producers, to ensure that our animals are healthy I would like to state that this is to ensure that they stay healthy and to keep human health safe by producing healthy food.

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