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669,000 Trevigiani Senate have been called to the polls, for the first time even 18-year-olds vote

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669,000 Trevigiani Senate have been called to the polls, for the first time even 18-year-olds vote

There are 669,520 Treviso people who on Sunday will be called to choose the next deputies and senators, divided into 826 seats. The number of electric cars is slightly predominant, 341,540. For the first time, even eighteen-year-olds will be able to vote for the Senate – a prerogative up to the 2018 election of those over 25 years old. As in 2018, voting will take place with the Rosatellum, a mixed system that assigns just over a third of the seats through the majority through the uninominal, and the remaining with the proportional, through blocked lists.

The political scenario

The two large coalitions confront each other, the center-left with the Democratic Party, Green Left Alliance, + Europe and Civic Commitment, and the center-right with Lega, FdI, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati; as well as Action and Italy Viva, 5 Star Movement, Popular Union, For Italy with Comparison, Sovereign and Popular Italy, Alternative for Italy and Life. The underdogs are for the center-right, with Giorgia Meloni who could make the Brothers of Italy the first party. The confrontation with the League will be decisive in the Marca, which could find a stronger ally at home. An important test not only for Salvini, but also for Luca Zaia and for the next administrative offices of the capital in 2023. On the other hand, it will be important to measure the “Third Pole” effect of Calenda and Renzi on the Democratic Party and the 5-star Movement will hold – as it seems from the latest polls – or will it collapse?

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The numbers and times of the elections

As mentioned, today from 7 to 23 669,500 voters will be called to the polls in the Marca, more women (341,520) than men (327,980) divided into 826 sections, of which 7 hospital. Treviso is the municipality with the most 63,241 voters, Portobuffol is the smallest just 547. To get the first results you will have to wait at least half past midnight.

How to vote

Each voter at the polling station will be given two ballots, one yellow for the Senate and one rose for the Chamber of Deputies. The models of the two cards are identical. They bear the name of the candidate in the single-member constituency and, for the plurinominal constituency, the symbol of each list or the marks of the coalition lists connected to it. The names of the relevant candidates in the plurinominal board are printed next to the symbol of the individual lists.

The vote is expressed by drawing a sign in the space containing the symbol of the chosen list and, in this case, it is expressed both for the list and for the single candidate connected to it. If a sign is drawn on the name of the single-member candidate, the vote is also expressed for the linked list and, in the case of more than one linked list, the vote is divided among the coalition lists in proportion to the votes obtained in the constituency. Separate voting is not envisaged.

The voter who realizes that he has made a mistake in voting can ask the chairman of the polling station to replace the ballot, being able to cast his vote again. The president will give him a new card, inserting the replaced one among the deteriorated cards.

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