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7/13 Global Scan grasps the pulse of global investment

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7/13 Global Scan grasps the pulse of global investment

U.S.|Vermont hit by 100-year flood

Days of torrential rain in the Northeast of the United States, Vermont suffered the worst flood in the past century, surpassing the disaster caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011, second only to the Vermont flood in 1927. Governor Phil Scott called the rain and flooding over the past 48 hours a “historic disaster” and warned of more rain this week.

United States|Musk suspected of building a mansion secretly at his headquarters

The Wall Street Journal obtained information that Tesla has a secret internal project called “Project 42”, which intends to build a building with glass walls near the Texas headquarters of the car factory as the residence of CEO Musk. The greenery next to the building features a waterfall, and a futuristic pickup truck that looks like Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. But Tesla directors have launched an investigation, the sources said.

France|Taylors fans blocked the ticketing network

Ticketmaster website Ticketmaster went down on the 11th, as thousands of fans were unable to buy tickets for American pop singer Taylor Swift’s concert in France. The website immediately announced the suspension of ticket sales for 4 concerts in Paris and 2 concerts in Lyon next spring, and emphasized that unused discount codes can continue to be used after the website returns to normal, but did not specify when ticket sales will resume.

India|Disney to sell Star India

Disney is exploring strategic options for its Star India business in India, including a joint venture or a sale, a move that shows pressure on Disney’s operations in the country after Fox bought the business. Disney has talked to at least one bank about ways to help Star India grow its business while sharing some of the costs, people familiar with the matter said. Negotiations are still at an early stage, and it’s unclear what Disney will decide.

Singapore|Cabinet officials under investigation for corruption

The Singapore government has recently launched an investigation into alleged corruption by cabinet officials. Following the investigation of the previous ministers of the interior and foreign affairs who were accused of renting state-owned houses, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced earlier that Minister of Transport S. Iswaran (S. Iswaran) was also accused of Suspended for corruption, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were not suspended, and the investigation found no evidence of corruption.

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Australia|New Carbon Regulations Impact Japan’s Energy Security

Japanese energy officials on the 11th called on Australia to abandon new carbon emission regulations, saying that these regulations have threatened the country’s energy security. New Australian regulations came into effect on July 1, requiring new LNG facilities to be carbon-neutral on their first day of operation. Tokyo authorities believe this will make it difficult for new LNG export terminals to operate in Australia, which supplies more than 40 percent of Japan’s demand.

New Zealand | Interest rates remain at 5.5% as inflation slows

New Zealand’s central bank announced on the 12th that the official cash rate remained unchanged at 5.5%, the highest level in 14 years and in line with market expectations, but the bank warned that monetary tightening may have to be maintained for a period of time. New Zealand has raised interest rates 12 times in a row since October 2021, and the effect of this strategy is gradually showing, causing the country’s economy to fall into recession and inflation to slow down in the first quarter of this year.

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